Greenaway Undertow


R.M. Greenaway, Undertow, Dundurn Press

A heartbreaking set of murders bring RCMP constables Leith and Dion together in the Lower Mainland, where violence flows like a riptide.

Wells SaintandSoul


RW Wells, The Saint & The Soul Slayer

This an exhilarating, fantastic tale that introduces multi-layered character, Xavier O'Malley, a Canadian police officer. The story plunges into the dark side of life and the evil that resides there.

Ace CuriousCook


Cathy Ace, The Case of the Curious Cook, Severn House Publishers

The WISE women face puzzles involving newly discovered works by a murdered artist, an untraceable octogenarian, and an old folks’ home.

Blair TheEvilMenDo


Michael Blair, The Evil That Men Do, Linda Leith Publishing

When two sociopaths face off, someone is bound to die.

Burrows ShimmerofHummingbirds


Steve Burrows, A Shimmer of Hummingbirds, Dundurn Press

In this 4th book in the Birder Murder mystery series, Domenic Jejeune finds that sometimes, the wrong choice is the only choice you have.

Delany ElementarySheRead


Vicki Delany, Elementary, She Read, Crooked Lane Books

The first in the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium series.

Fox ForWhomtheBread


Sarah Fox, For Whom the Bread Rolls, Penguin Random House

In the seaside town of Wildwood Cove, pancake house owner Marley McKinney is tangling with a salty troublemaker . . . and a ravenous killer.

Wiken RouxtheDay


Linda Wiken, Roux the Day, Berkley Prime Crime

J.J. Tanner loves planning events, like the fundraising Casino Night Dinner Cruise. What she hadn’t planned on was murder.

Campbell bootleggers


Melodie Campbell, The Bootlegger's Goddaughter, Orca Books

Even old mobsters retire eventually…don’t they? Gina and Nico work feverishly to keep the latest bungled family caper under wrap.

Stone Forbidden


F. Stone, Forbidden

Year 2047, City of Samarra, Police captain Sharif becomes the reluctant keeper of his city’s bloody secret – and the unfortunate witness, Eliza MacKay.

Calder TenDays


Susan Calder, Ten Days in Summer, BWL Ltd.

While Calgary celebrates its 10-day Stampede festival, insurance adjuster Paula Savard investigates a suspicious fire that killed a hoarder.

Chisholm ShowmanShaman


Benni Chisholm, Showman or Shaman, Black Opal Books

Footsteps thundered down the outside stairs. Philomela leaned on the counter for support and nervously gazed at the museum entrance. What if the murderer was returning...?

Dalby CanadaSherlockHolmes


J. Thomas Dalby, Canada & Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street Irregulars - New York

The latest book in the international series by the BSI - the elite group based in New York devoted to the scholarly analysis of S.H.

Hamilton MississippiQueen


Joe Hamilton, Eye on You - The Mississippi Queen

Gabriel Ross and his team are faced with their toughest case yet.Book 3 in the series.

White BarrenGround


Loreth Anne White, In the Barren Ground, Montlake

A dark, atmospheric romantic thriller set in the remote far north with undertones of horror.

Driscoll LoneWolf


Jen J. Danna (writing as Sara Driscoll), Lone Wolf, Kensington Publishing

FBI K9 handler Meg Jennings and Hawk, her Labrador, must race against time as they zero in on one of the deadliest killers in the country.

Delany WeWishYouMurderous


Vicki Delany, We Wish You A Murderous Christmas, Berkley Prime Crime

A grinch is spoiling the holiday cheer and causing fear in the latest from the author of Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen...

Dellamonica ChildofaHiddenSea


A.M. Dellamonica, Child of a Hidden Sea, Tor Books

One minute, Sophie Hansa is in a San Francisco alley, trying to save the life of a strange woman. The next, she is flung into the warm and salty waters of an unfamiliar world.

Stewart Bullock TourdeMort


Kay Stewart and Chris Bullock, Tour de Mort, FriesenPress

Death stalks a thousand-kilometre Cops for Cancer ride down Vancouver Island

Wilkshire EscapetoHavana


Nick Wilkshire, Escape to Havana, Dundurn Press

For Charlie Hillier, a posting to Cuba could be the perfect place to start his new life — if he survives long enough.

Newell QuitePerfectlyDead


Geri Newell Gillen, Quite Perfectly Dead, Deux Voiliers

After multiple deaths occur in Vegas following a poker tournament, a cross-border investigation is launched.

Simpson Stark


John Worsley Simpson, Stark, a Harry Stark Mystery, Muse It Up Publishing

A killer hides behind the dazzle of blood-soaked gold as Detective Harry Stark seeks answers concealed by the glitter.

Michaud Introvert


Michael Paul Michaud, The Introvert, Black Opal Books

He left without saying anything further, but the way he looked at me as he did gave me the greatest urge to see him red and open.

Nikolai DarkDeeds


Sandra Nikolai, Dark Deeds, Vemcort Publishing

Terror blankets a small town as the body count mounts. The killer has had reconstructive surgery. He could be anyone.

Duncan IllMet


Elizabeth J Duncan, Ill Met by Murder, Crooked Lane Books

An outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream was supposed to include moonlight, not murder.

Abbott HammettHexVictoria Abbott, The Hammett Hex, Berkley Publishing

When, San Francisco turns deadly for book researcher, Jordan Bingham, should she blame Hammett’s noir legacy and trust no one?


Ace RubyLips


Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Ruby Lips, TouchWood Editions

A stint as a lecturer in Budapest, without Bud, has Cait Morgan investigating a cold case that might have links to the Cold War.

Bell StalkingtheDead


E.C. Bell, Stalking the Dead, Tyche Books

Murder can really put a kink in a Jenner family reunion.

Howerton Furr


Axel Howerton, Furr, Tyche Books

A modern gothic fairy tale marrying Noir and Urban Fantasy in the Canadian Rockies.

Blechta Rundown


Rick Blechta, Rundown, Raven Books

Toronto might have a crazy on the loose, someone who’s using cars to kill innocent people. It’s up to Pratt and Ellis to figure it out.

Robinson WhentheMusic


Peter Robinson, When the Music’s Over, McClelland & Stewart

When the body of a young girl is found in a remote countryside lane, evidence suggests she was drugged, abused, and thrown from a moving van -- before being beaten to death.

Callway GlowGrass


M. H. Callway, Glow Grass and Other Tales, Carrick Publishing

Comedy, suspense and noir: seven gripping stories and two novellas by Arthur Ellis and Derringer finalist, M. H. Callway.

Innes ExtraCadaver


Roy Innes, The Extra Cadaver Murder, NeWest Press

Med students, cadavers and murdered surgeon. RCMP Inspector Coswell is up to his ears again, this time with an unwelcome female corporal at his side.

Schuh OperationMaxTracker


Eileen Schuh, Operation MaxTracker, Kastle Harbour Publishing

She’s intelligent, powerful and out to save the world from cybercriminals. However, she doesn’t have the skills to keep her children safe.

Whishaw AKillerInKingsCove


Iona Whishaw, A Killer in King's Cove, TouchWood Editions

 A smart and enchanting postwar mystery that will appeal to fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.

Smallman BeachKill


Phyllis Smallman, Beach Kill

The second book in the Singer Brown mystery series.

Dube Shelter


Marcelle Dubé, Shelter, Falcon Ridge Publishing

Shelter is a taut, gothic-tinged suspense novel featuring a young woman running from an abusive husband and who must now confront the mystery surrounding her new home.

Bidulka SetFreeAnthony Bidulka, Set Free, Bon Vivant Books

"I would have packed less if I knew I was going to die." Author Jaspar Wills discovers that some kinds of freedom come at too high a cost.


deNikolets NearlyGirlLisa de Nikolits, The Nearly Girl, Inanna Publications

Amelia Fisher suffers from a rare psychosis. She nearly gets things right but when it comes to accepted behaviours, she fails, with murderous consequences.


Fradkin FireintheStarsBarbara Fradkin, Fire in the Stars, Dundurn Press

A traumatized foreign aid worker battles danger from nature and man as she searches for a fellow trauma survivor in the Newfoundland wilds.


Martin LongWaysfromHomeMike Martin, A Long Ways from Home, Friesen Press

Canada's best-loved Mountie is back on the case. Outlaw bikers out of control and a small town in turmoil. Cool, Canadian crime.


Wild StrangeThingsElle Wild, Strange Things Done, Dundurn Press/Thomas Allen Publishers

As roads snow over in Dawson City, journalist Jo Silver investigates the suicide of a local politician and discovers that nothing in the sleepy town is what it seems.


Arnold LineofDutyCarolyn Arnold, In the Line of Duty, Hibbert & Stiles Publishing

A hero has fallen, and hard-edged detective Madison Knight will stop at nothing short of finding justice—even if it means risking her own life.


Robson MurderUncoopMerrilee Robson, Murder is Uncooperative, North Star Press

Finding an apartment can be murder. At first Rebecca thinks her new housing co-op is perfect. But then she finds a body.


Hendley BigConNate Hendley, The Big Con, ABC-CLIO

A look at infamous US swindles and hoaxes, from the Victorian-era to today.



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