Bell Dying On Second

E.C. Bell, Dying on Second, Tyche Books

All Marie wants is fresh air and exercise. Is that too much to ask?

Driscoll Danna BeforeItsTooLate

Jen J. Danna (writing as Sara Driscoll), Before It's Too Late, Kensington Publishing

FBI handler Meg Jennings and her trusted search-and-rescue Lab, Hawk, must race against the clock before a diabolical killer strikes again.

Delany WhiteSandBlues

Vicki Delany, White Sand Blues, Orca Rapid Reads

Paramedic Ashley Grant is thrown into the deep end when she arrives at her new job in the tiny Caribbean country of the Victoria and Albert Islands to be picked up at the airport by the island's only ambulance.

Delany BodyonBakerSt

Vicki Delany, Body on Baker Street, Crooked Lane Book

The unusually perceptive Gemma Doyle and her confused but ever-loyal friend Jayne Wilson return in the second in the "charming" Sherlock Holmes Bookshop series.

Butler FullCurl

Dave Butler, Full Curl, Dundurn Press

When National Park Warden Jenny Willson discovers that trophy animals are being slaughtered in Canada's mountain parks, how far will she go in a cross-border race for justice?

Fradkin TrickstersLullaby

Barbara Fradkin, The Trickster's Lullaby, Dundurn Press

A winter camping trip turns deadly as two missing teenagers, a twisted love triangle, and the spectre of radicalism create turmoil in the remote Laurentian wilderness.

Ryan Matanzas

Garry Ryan, Matanzas, NeWest Press

Calgary’s Detective Lane flies to Cuba to celebrate the wedding of his beloved niece. While there, though, he finds himself drafted by the local police into investigating the murder of a Canadian tourist.

Smallman LastCall

Phyllis Smallman, Last Call, Phyllis Smallman

Murder in the confusion of a hurricane, this is a suspenseful story of friendship and endurance.

Arnold HalloweenisMurder

Carolyn Arnold, Halloween is Murder, Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.

When a local television reporter ends up dead, Sean and Sara’s Halloween becomes even more chilling as they try to catch a killer.

Evans SeaweedUnderFire

Stanley Evans, Seaweed Under Fire, Ekstasis Editions

If you want somebody's legs broken, even if you want somebody killed it can be arranged, at a price.

Harlick PurplePaletteforMurder

R.J. Harlick, Purple Palette for Murder, Dundurn Press

Her husband arrested for murder, Meg flies to Yellowknife, where she races to unravel a sordid trail of family secrets and greed to prove his innocence.

Mesdames 13Claws

Mesdames of Mayhem, 13 Claws, Carrick Publishing

Are our animal companions angels or demons? Our friends or our betrayers? 13 Claws is the third anthology by The Mesdames of Mayhem.

Nesbitt Baggerman MurderAmongThieves

Lauren Nesbitt-Baggerman, Murder Among Thieves, Volumes

Stolen gems, a notorious murder, the girl who knows: a mystery Matthew Traverse must solve – even if it kills him.

Bradshaw WinnersLoss

Mel Bradshaw, Winner's Loss, Iguana Books

In the fertile artistic milieu of 1927 Toronto, a painter is dead. Detective Sergeant Paul Shenstone won’t rest until he finds out why.

MacLeod CodOnlyKnows

Hilary MacLeod, Cod Only Knows, Acorn Press

Finally, readers of The Shores Mystery series will meet Abel, the man whose been lurking in the background through five books. Cod Only Knows is a fish story about the one that got away - a 300 lb. giant cod that trails murder and mayhem in its wake.

deNikolits NoFuryLikeThat

Lisa de Nikolits, No Fury Like That, Inanna Publications

A one-of-a kind literary thriller about life and death and the power of second chances. The novel takes you on a fast-paced, funny, adventurous ride, exploring themes of love, the meaning of life, friendship and revenge.

Whishaw DeathinDarkeningMist

Iona Whishaw, An Old Cold Grave, TouchWood Editions

Gwen felt a wave of horror sweep through her.  She could see, soil encrusted and stained the colour of dark tea, some delicate bones, with shreds of decaying cloth. The bones were most certainly human.

Crawford BeyondFaith

Sharon A. Crawford, Beyond Faith, Blue Denim Press

Fraternal twins Dana Bowman and Bast Overture are thrust into a twisted scenario of extortion, stalking, fire, vandalism, secret adoptions, a bank robbery, assault, and murders.

Sullivan Gritty

Colleen Baxter Sullivan, Gritty, Waldorf Publishing

Who would know that when Adam Garwood took a detour through a Montreal Alley, he would meet up with Gritty, a very complex character, taking up residence in a box?

Cragg DeadReakoning

Carys Cragg, Dead Reckoning: How I Came to Meet the Man Who Murdered My Father, Arsenal Pulp Press

A woman confronts the man who murdered her father twenty years earlier. A powerful and emotional memoir about how reconciling with the past doesn't necessarily provide comfort, but it can reveal the truth.

Dowdall AuPair

Anna Dowdall, The Au Pair, The Wild Rose Press

Montrealer Ashley Smeeton's in a fix.  An au pair job sounds like easy money.  Family secrets and a strange child are one thing.  Murder's another.

Elwood, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Elwood


Elizabeth Elwood is the author of To Catch an Actress, A Black Tie Affair and The Beacon and The Agatha Principle and Other Mystery Stories. She is also a playwright whose plays have entertained audiences all across Canada. Born in England, Elizabeth lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Selected Bibliography

  • Shadow of Murder:  A murder mystery play in two acts.  First performed - June, 2011.
  • Renovations: A comedy in two acts. Elihu Entertainment, 2007; first performed – August, 2004
  • Casting for Murder: A murder mystery play in three acts. Elihu Entertainment, 2007; first performed – November 2000


Short Story Collections:


The Agatha Principle and Other Mystery Stories: The Beary Mystery Series. iUniverse, 2012

“…there is something about the stories and the characters that keeps you turning the pages…. I find Elwood's serial short mysteries strangely compelling….”—Barbara Kay, National Post

“Tales well told… and the biggest draw is reading about the interesting and complex characters to be found in the Beary family.” Jan de Grass, The Coast Reporter


The Beacon and Other Mystery Stories:  The Beary Mystery Series. iUniverse. 2009

“Smart plotting and a strong sense of place define this collection.  The beautiful settings and genuine personalities will charm.”  Kirkus Discoveries.


A Black Tie Affair and Other Mystery Stories: The Beary Mystery Series. iUniverse, 2008

"Well-crafted stories which will delight mystery fans." — Kirkus Discoveries

“Another fine production of the Beary family … I found great enjoyment reading the stories.  Original and evocative.”—Barbara Kay, National Post columnist.

elwood-catchanactress To Catch an Actress and Other Mystery Stories: The Beary Mystery Series. iUniverse, 2005




Emery, Anne


Anne Emery


Anne Emery is a graduate of St. F.X. University and Dalhousie Law School. She has worked as a lawyer, legal affairs reporter, and researcher. Apart from reading and writing, her interests include music, philosophy, architecture, travel and Irish history. She lives in Halifax with her husband and daughter.

She is the author of the Collins-Burke mystery series.”











Evans, Stanley

Stanley Evans


Stanley Evans has been a soldier, a surveyor, and a deep-sea fisherman. He once spent several months travelling up and down the Amazon River and its tributaries. He lives in Victoria, B.C.


Evans's sixth crime novel, Seaweed on the Rocks, featuring Coast Salish Aboriginal detective Silas Seaweed, was published in September 2008, and the seventh, Seaweed in the Soup, was published in September 2009.  


Seaweed under Water, won Monday Magazine's Best Novel of 2007 award. Evans's previous novels in the Seaweed series are Seaweed on Ice and Seaweed on the Street

Evans's novels in the Sergeant Decker, series, featuring a BC frontier lawman, are Outlaw Gold and Snow-Coming Moon.  



 Praise for the Seaweed novels:  

"Seaweed on the Rocks is as uniquely Canadian as a painting by Emily Carr. Evans deftly wraps his tale in a richly evocative portrait of native lore...reminiscent of Raymond Chandler (and) the late Tony Hillerman." – Sherbrook Record.


The writing is wonderful native storytelling. Characters are richly drawn...I enjoyed this so much that I'm looking for the others in the series." – Hamilton Spectator         


"West Coast detective Silas Seaweed....Evans' combination of Salish lore and solid plotting is a winner." – Globe and Mail







Selected Publications:
The Silas Seaweed Detective series:

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