Kellough BathwaterConspiracy

Janet Kellough, The Bathwater Conspiracy, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy

A nasty woman's answer to The Handmaid's Tale.

Campbell B Team

Melodie Campbell, The B-Team, Orca Books

They do wrong for all the right reasons. And sometimes it even works...

Bolton Fritters

Ginger Bolton, Survival of the Fritters, Kensington Publishing

Emily Westhill runs the best donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby Deputy Donut.

Delany CatoftheBaskervilles

Vicki Delany, The Cat of the Baskervilles, Crooked Lane Books

The game is once again afoot at the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium

Koetting TripleThreat

Alexis Koetting, Triple Threat, Iguana Books

The second Bella James Mystery, filled with new and familiar characters who will make you laugh, cry, and keep you guessing until the very end.

Ace UnsuitableSuitor

Cathy Ace, The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor, Severn House Publishers

When the Welsh village of Anwen's prodigal son, Huw Hughes, returns and sets his cap at Annie Parker, village publican Tudor begs Annie's colleagues at the WISE Enquiries Agency to unearth the truth behind Huw having been widowed three times.

Fritze CrooksHill

Peter Fritze, Crook's Hill, Peter Fritze

Alan Boltby yearns to be more than a workaholic lawyer. Confronted by insider trading, unexplained deaths and blame for a sordid family secret, he turns investigator.

Evans, Stanley

Stanley Evans

Stanley Evans has been a soldier, a surveyor, and a deep-sea fisherman. He once spent several months travelling up and down the Amazon River and its tributaries. He lives in Victoria, B.C.

Evans's sixth crime novel, Seaweed on the Rocks, featuring Coast Salish Aboriginal detective Silas Seaweed, was published in September 2008, and the seventh, Seaweed in the Soup, was published in September 2009.  

Seaweed under Water won Monday Magazine's Best Novel of 2007 award. Evans's previous novels in the Seaweed series are Seaweed on Ice and Seaweed on the Street.

Evans's novels in the Sergeant Decker, series, featuring a BC frontier lawman, are Outlaw Gold and Snow-Coming Moon.

Praise for the Seaweed novels:  

"Seaweed on the Rocks is as uniquely Canadian as a painting by Emily Carr. Evans deftly wraps his tale in a richly evocative portrait of native lore...reminiscent of Raymond Chandler (and) the late Tony Hillerman." – Sherbrook Record.

The writing is wonderful native storytelling. Characters are richly drawn...I enjoyed this so much that I'm looking for the others in the series." – Hamilton Spectator         

"West Coast detective Silas Seaweed....Evans' combination of Salish lore and solid plotting is a winner." – Globe and Mail

Selected Publications:
The Silas Seaweed Detective series:

For more about the Silas Seaweed mysteries visit Stanley Evans' Website:


Fradkin, Barbara

Barbara FradkinBarbara Fradkin

Barbara Fradkin (n,e Currie) was born in Montreal and attended McGill and the Universities of Toronto and Ottawa, where she obtained her PhD in clinical psychology. Her work as a child psychologist provides ample inspiration for plotting murders, and she recently retired from practice to spend more time with her pen and her fertile imagination.

Her dark short stories haunt numerous magazines and anthologies, including Storyteller Magazine, and the Ladies Killing Circle and New Canadian Noir anthologies. However, she is best known for her award-winning detective series, featuring the exasperating, quixotic Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green whose passion for justice and love of the hunt often interferes with family, friends, and police protocol.

An active member of Canada's writing community, Barbara served as president of Crime Writers of Canada (20042005). She lives in Ottawa and is currently working on the seventh novel in the Inspector Green series.


Selected Bibliography:
Inspector Green Mystery Series:
Do or Die. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2000
Once Upon a Time. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2002
Mist Walker . Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2003
Fifth Son. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2004
Honour Among Men. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2006
Dream Chasers. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2007

Short stories:
"Spoils of War" in When Boomers Go Bad, edited byJ. Boswell, S. Pike, and L.Wiken. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2005
"Voices from the Deep" in Dead in the Water, edited by T. Greenwood and V. Malan. Toronto: RendezVous Crime, 2006
"Roads to Redemption" in Locked Up, edited by S. Pike. Ottawa: Deadlock Press, 2007



Winner, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, 2007, for Honour Among Men
Nominated, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2007, for "Voices from the Deep"
Winner, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, 2005, for Fifth Son
Nominated, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, 2003, for Once Upon a Time
Nominated, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2003, for “ Timber Town Justice”
Nominated, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2002, for “Double Trouble”
Nominated, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2002, for “Coup de Grace”
Prize-winner, Storyteller Magazine’s Great Canadian Short Story Contest, 1998, for “Brandemoor”
Prize-winner, Storyteller Magazine’s Great Canadian Short Story Contest, 2002, for “Timber Town Justice”



Web site:  




Frisque, Mary

Mary Frisque

Mary Frisque was born in Seattle, WA, and lived in the great northwest until 1983 when she moved to New York City. Since then, she's been the executive secretary of the Mystery Writers of America and assistant director of The Authors Guild. She is currently the executive director of the North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers. Alas, "crime does not pay(TM)enough," so she also works as an assistant program officer at the CUNY Graduate Center.




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