Murphy, Paul

murphy-paulPaul Murphy

Paul Murphy became an author relatively late in life, and novel writing kind of happened by accident.

After thoroughly enjoying  the short story writing classes he had taken at George Brown College in Toronto with author/editor/teacher Nancy Kilpatrick, Paul was eager to sign up for another course with her. The only class Nancy offered that he could attend at the time was called “A Novel Idea - How to Start Writing Your Novel.” Paul enrolled, having no previous inclination to write a novel. He’d only written short stories, getting a couple of them published—both non-fiction.  He wrote a few chapters as assignments in the “Novel Idea” course, and got hooked. His debut novel, Deadly Links, evolved from there.

The name of the first bookstore to put his novel on the shelf?... Novel Idea, on the main drag of Paul's home town of Kingston. Paul also spent fifteen years in Burlington. These two Ontario cities provide the main settings for Deadly Links, a murder mystery with a golf backdrop (Black Rose Writing, 2013).

Paul now resides in The Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto.




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