Carpenter, J.D.

J. D. (David) Carpenter


David is a former race track journalist and high school English teacher who lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario. David began his writing career as a poet, publishing four books between 1976 and 1994, before turning his attention to crime fiction.

The first novel in his Campbell Young mystery series, The Devil in Me, appeared on the Globe & Mail’s bestseller list and was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award; the second, Bright’s Kill, was described as “...a satisfying suspense story of the first order...” (Edmonton Journal); the Globe & Mail summed up his third book, 74 Miles Away, as “...slick, smart, not a shred of padding...”; and his most recent effort, Twelve Trees, has been praised as “smartly handled” and “impressively done” (Quill & Quire) and “mesmerizing” and “best read with a pint of Creemore and two fingers of Bushmills” (Owen Sound Sun-Times).

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