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     Arthur Ellis Awards: 2010 Shortlist Events




        Find out firsthand who is in the running on April 22, 2010

                          — It’ll be murder —



                        East versus West in Canadian Crime

 place to be:         12th Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival

                             Room: Verriere B, Delta Centre-Ville Hotel,

                             777 University St., Montreal @ 6:30 pm

 People to see:    Barbara Fradkin & Anthony Bidulka

                             Refereed by Louise Penny

 nitty-gritty:        Watch the titans cross swords.

                             Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet after the event. Room TBA

                             All Free!



                        They’re having a Crime Wave, a Capital Crime Wave

 place to be:       Ottawa Public Library

                             Main Branch Auditorium,

                             120 Metcalfe Street, Downtown Ottawa @ 7:30 pm

 people to see:     Mystery authors: Kate Jaimet, Brenda Chapman,

                             Robin Harlick, Tom Henighan and Brian McKillop

 nitty-gritty:        The shortlist for Capital Crime Writers'

                             Audrey Jessup Short Story Contest will also be announced.




                        Perils Plotted in Picton

 place to be:       Books & Co.

                             289 Main St., Picton at 7:30 pm 

 People to see:    Michael Blair, Rick Blechta, J.D. Carpenter,

                             Vicki Delany, Janet Kellough, Mary Jane Maffini,

                             Violette Malan and John Moss 

 nitty-gritty:        Free!



                        Crime Writers Roasted at BBQ

 place to be:       Back Alley BBQ

                             in Kensington Market at 7:00 pm

                            188 Augusta Ave., Toronto

 People to see:   Jon Redfern, Dorothy McIntosh,

                             Robert Rotenberg and Maureen Jennings

 nitty-gritty:        Free... except for the drinks.



                        Criminal Dealings in Calgary

 place to be:       W.R. Castell Library

                             Calgary at 6:30 pm 

 People to see:    Garry Ryan and Linda Kupacek 

 nitty-gritty:        Free!



                        Join the Coastal Crime Wave

 place to be:       Vancouver Public Library

                             350 W Georgia St. Level 3 Meeting Room

                             3rd Floor at 7:30 pm 

People to see:     Anne Barton, Juanita Rose Violini, Roy Innes,

                             Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, and Phyllis Smallman.

                             Moderator: Marsha Lederman 

 nitty-gritty:       Admission is free, but seating is limited.


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