2023 The Crime Writers of Canada

Awards of Excellence



Best Crime Novel sponsored by Rakuten Kobo, with a $1000 prize

Bailey, Samantha M., Watch Out For Her, Simon & Schuster Canada
Barclay, Linwood, Take Your Breath Away, HarperCollins Canada
Bidulka, Anthony, Going to Beautiful, Stonehouse Publishing
Bronken, Trine , The Bloody Backhand of God, Independently Published
Buick, Jeff, The Krubera Conspiracy, Novel Words Inc.
Chapman, Brenda, Blind Date: A Hunter and Tate Mystery, Ivy Bay Press
Corbett, Ron, The Sweet Goodbye, Berkley
Cowie, Amber, Last One Alive, Simon & Schuster Canada
Driscoll, Sara, Still Waters, Kensington Books
Demers, Charles, Noonday Dark, Douglas and McIntyre Ltd.
Dupuis, J.J., Umboi Island, Dundurn Press Ltd.
Emery, Prudence , Death at the Savoy, Douglas and McIntyre Ltd.
Fawcett, Jennifer, Beneath the Stairs, Simon & Schuster Canada
Friedman, Elyse, The Opportunist, HarperCollins Canada
Hamilton, Ian, Finale, House of Anansi Press
Hiner, Julie, Back Track, KillersAndDemons.com
Hughes, Matthew, Ghost Dreams, PS Publishing
Johnston, Timothy S., The Shadow of War, Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd.
Jones, Gordon K., Predators and Prey, Bookland Press
Kalla, Daniel, Darkness in the Light, Simon & Schuster Canada
Kalteis, Dietrich, Nobody from Somewhere, ECW Press
Konkel, K.G.E., Who has buried the Dead, Optimum Publishing International
Lalli, S.C., Are You Sara?, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Lambert, Ann, Whale Fall, Second Story Press
Lundrigan, Nicole, An Unthinkable Thing, Viking Canada
McCulloch, Amy, Breathless, Viking Canada
McKenzie, Catherine, Please Join Us, Simon & Schuster Canada
McKinnon, Hannah Mary, Never Coming Home, Harlequin Trade Publishing / Hanover Square Press
Mofina, Rick, Her Last Goodbye, Harlequin Trade Publishing / Hanover Square Press
Myers, B.R., A Dreadful Splendour, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Nelson, Randy, The Wildest Hunt, Harbour Publishing
O'Cinneide, C.S., Eve's Rib, Dundurn Press Ltd.
Petryshyn, Jaroslav (Jerry), The Man with the Notable Face, Iguana Books
Pitoniak, Anna, Our American Friend, Simon & Schuster Canada
Reed, Marina L. and Hawkins, Don, On the Edge, Chicken House Press
Richards, Linda L., Exit Strategy, Oceanview Publishing
Sanders, Shelly, Daughters of the Occupation, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Tector, Amy, The Honeybee Emeralds, Turner
Wickenden, David, The Home Front, Independently Published
Wilson, Antoine, Mouth to Mouth, Simon & Schuster Canada
Wright, Susan Jane, The Glass Lake, Roan Imprint


Best Crime First Novel sponsored by Melodie Campbell with a $1,000 prize

Angus, Lis, Not Your Child, The Wild Rose Press
Arnett, James, Bean Fate, Austin Macauley
Brownlow, John, Seventeen: Last Man Standing, Harlequin Trade Publishing / Hanover Square Press
Christensen, H&A, Stealing John Hancock, Ravenstone, an imprint of Turnstone Press
Davis, T. Lawrence, The Pale Horse, Friesen Press
Edwards, Bill, Killer Time, Friesen Press
Frost, Adam, The Damned Lovely, Down and Out Books
Hambrock, Meredith, Other People's Secrets, Crooked Lane Books
Lawrence, A.E., Ghosts of Angels, Friesen Press
MacQueen, Ken, Hero Haters, Wild Rose Press
Maximchuk, Yvonne, Murder Rides A Gale Force Wind, Searose Publishing
Morrison, Jan, The Crooked Knife, Boulder Books
Patel, Reema, Such Big Dreams, McClelland & Stewart
Pontsa, Peter Thomas, Outfoxed - An Inspector William Fox Adventure, Friesen Press
Prose, Nita, The Maid, Viking Canada
Roy, L.G., Babylon Hill, Independently Published
Scott, Barbara Joan, The Taste of Hunger, Freehand Books
Scott, Dianne , Final Look, Danforth Press
Shelstad, Sam, Citizens of Light, TouchWood Editions
Siemens, J.T., To Those Who Killed Me, NeWest Press
Tobin, Christopher, What Happened to Maggie Dalton?, Flanker Press
Urlocker, M.Z., The Man from Mittelwerk, Inkshares, Inc.
Welch , Katie, Mad Honey, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd.
Wilson, Danee, Murder at San Miguel, Radiant Press
Woollcott, J., A Nice Place to Die, Level Best Books


The Whodunit Award for Best Traditional Mystery sponsored by Jane Doe, with a $500 prize

Ace, Cathy, The Corpse with the Turquoise Toes, Four Tails Publishing Ltd.
Afia, Nekesa, Harlem Sunset, Berkley
Anderson, Raye, Down Came the Rain, Signature Editions
Bienia, Alice, Knight In The Museum, Cairn Press
Bowen, Gail, What’s Past Is Prologue, ECW Press
Collins, Patrick J., Murder at Lover's Leap, Flanker Press
Dakin, Emma, Danger in Edinburgh: The British Book Tour Mysteries Book 4, Camel Press
Delany, Vicki, A Three Book Problem, Crooked Lane Books
Delany, Vicki, Murder Spills the Tea, Kensington Publishing Corp
Delany, Vicki, Deadly Director's Cut, Penguin Random House
Donaldson-Yarmey, Joan, A Killer Match, Renaissance Press
Emery, Anne, Fenian Street, ECW Press
Gates, Eva, Death by Beach Read, Crooked Lane Books
Gayle, Brenda, Schooled in Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, Book 6), Bowstring Books
Ireland, Liz, Mrs. Claus and the Evil Elves, Kensington Publishing Corp
Jaskula, Sue, Death at Dawn, The Wild Rose Press
Juby, Susan, Mindful of Murder, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Kelly, Sofie, Whiskers and Lies, Berkley
Kent, Winona, Ticket to Ride, Blue Devil Books
King, Thomas, Deep House, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Maffini, Mary Jane, Death Plans a Perfect Trip, Beyond the Page Publishing
Romeril, Christina, A Christmas Candy Killing, Crooked Lane
Rue, Gretchen, Steeped to Death, Crooked Lane
Schott, Philipp, Fifty-Four Pigs: A Dr. Bannerman Vet Mystery, ECW Press
Whishaw, Iona, Framed in Fire, TouchWood Editions


The Howard Engel Award for Best Crime Novel Set in Canada sponsored by Charlotte Engel and CWC with a $500 prize.

Cahill, Matt, Radioland, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
Carson, Lousie, The Last Unsuitable Man, Signature Editions
Coffin, Gary, Mercy Lake, GRC Books
Cushing, Raymond, The Robbers, Independently Published
deGroot, Renny, Sea Child (A Cape Breton Mystery), Toadhollow Publishing
Denley, Randall, The Long Hurt, Ottawa Press and Publishing
Devlin, A.J., Five Moves of Doom, NeWest Press
Escott, Helen C., Operation Masonic, Flanker Press
Folsom, Max, Searching for Peter Griffiths, Friesen Press
Fraser, Whit, Cold Edge of Heaven, Boulder Books
Freedman, S.M., Blood Atonement, Dundurn Press
Froese, Gayleen , The Girl Whose Luck Ran Out, DSP Publications
Furey, Leo, The Good Thief, Flanker Press
Haberman, Arthur, Blind Justice, Viaduct Press
Haldane, Seán, An Evil Tale I Heard, Rune Press Limited
Jackson, Joanne, A Snake in the Raspberry Patch, Stonehouse Publishing
Jantunen, John, In for a Dime, ECW Press
Jaskula, Sue, Castle Gordon, Independently Published
Jennings, Maureen, Cold Snap, Cormorant Books
Maffini, Mary Jane, You Light Up My Death, Ottawa Press and Publishing
Major, Kevin, Four for Fogo Island, Breakwater Books Ltd.
Marks, Arlene F., Weekends Can Be Murder, Brain Lag Publishing
McCarthy, A.J. , The Other Side, Black Rose Writing
McKercher, Ian, Death by Misadventure, Independently Published
Moss, John, To Set the Stone Trembling, Vanguard Press
Muller, Glenn, Ruggage, Independently Published
Penz Shleuk, Judy, Before There Were Skeletons, Superior Shores Press
Scott, Dianne, Missing, Danforth Press
St. George, Gabrielle, How To Kill A Kingpin, Level Best Books US
Tallo, Katie, Poison Lilies, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Tector, Amy, The Foulest Things, Turner
Thomson, Tony, About Face, Moose House Publications
Westermann, Vanessa, Cover Art, Cormorant Books
Wong, Sandra SG, In the Dark We Forget, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.


Best Crime Novella sponsored by Mystery Magazine with a $200 prize

 Callway, MH., Amdur's Ghost (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Davidson, Hilary, Dangerous to Know (A Grifter's Song Vol. 8), Down & Out Books
de Nikolits, Lisa, In a Land of Fear and Denial (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Franklin, E Elizabeth, Litter Stalker Prey, Independent - Amazon
Franklin, E Elizabeth, Dream Bakery Nightmare, Independently Published
Hiner, Julie, Dead End Track, KillersAndDemons.com
Hughes, Matt, The Emir's Falcon, Shadowpaw Press
Hunt, Sharon, A Stranger in the House, Dell Magazines
Innes, Roy, Elderville, World Castle Publisning
MacLeod, Alexander, The Closing Date (Animal Person), McClelland & Stewart
Murphy, Lynne, A Damaged Heart (Potluck and Other Stories), Carrick Publishing
Phelan, Twist, The Kindness of Strangers, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
Purdy Kong, Debra, A Gold Satin Murder, Independently Published
Soop, Alex, The Edge of Darkness, Durvile & UpRoute Books
Stefanovich-Thomson, Alexis, The Man Who Went Down Under, Dell Magazines


Best Crime Short Story sponsored by Mystery Magazine with a $300 prize

Abrahamson, Karen, Paleolithic, Dell Magazines
Abrahamson , Karen , Little Monsters (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Adina , Shelley, The Air Affair (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Alexander, Paul, Shorty Cocked his Gun, Run Amok Books / Run Amok Crime
Astolfo, Catherine, The Spirit of St. Lewis (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Aubert, Rosemary, The Phone (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Barnsley, Pam, Street Versus the Stalker, Dell Magazines
Bennett, Thom, Mara Steps In (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Bowlsby, Craig H., The Girl Who Was Only Three Quarters Dead, Mystery Magazine
Calder, Susan, A Deadly Flu (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Callway, M.H., Last Island, Mystery Magazine
Callway, M.H., Must Love Dogs - or You're Gone, Red Dog Press
Campbell, Melodie, Death of a Ghost (Cold Canadian Crime ), Crime Writers of Canada
Campbell, Melodie, The Kindred Spirit Detective Agency (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Chapman, Brenda, The Final Hit (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Desmond, Melodie, Tough Nuts, Mystery Magazine
Dikken, Mirjam, Labour of Guilt (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Donison, Pamela, Third Time’s a Charm (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Dubé, Marcelle, Road Trip, Mystery Magazine
Dubé, Marcelle, Tethered (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Elwood, Elizabeth, Light on the Lagoon, Dell Magazines
Elwood, Elizabeth, The Last Noel, Mystery Magazine
Elwood, Elizabeth, The Splinter of Ice (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Elwood, Elizabeth, MeToo Too, Wildside Press (Black Cat Weekly)
Elwood   , Elizabeth, The Fair Rosamund and the Summer of Love (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Fromm, Delee, Not in Canada, Crime Writers of Canada
Greenwood, Therese, The Iron Princess (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Henry , Debra, Almost Invisible (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Hosang, Elizabeth, You Carry It With You, Air and Nothingness Press
Jedy, Joan, A Capital Offense, RCN Media Publishing
Kay, Marilyn, Rise Up (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Keeley, Karen, Thinkin’ Like a Red (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Keetch, Blair, To Catch a Kumiho (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Kent, Winona, Terminal Lucidity (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Lucas, Meagan, Picking the Carcass, Run Amok Books / Run Amok Crime
MacLeod, Alexander, What Exactly Do You Think You're Looking At?, McClelland & Stewart
Maultash Warsh, Sylvia, The Natural Order of Things, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Maultash Warsh, Sylvia, There Are Always Secrets, Crime Writers of Canada
Maultash Warsh, Sylvia, Aunt Bertie Tries to Save the World (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
McCracken, Rosemary, In From the Cold, Crime Writers of Canada
McCracken, Rosemary, The Fur Coat Conundrum (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
McNaughton, Nuala, The Hand Off (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Mills, Cat, The Dollhouse (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Morganti, Charlotte, Lazy Days Parade Takes a Tragic Turn, Wildside Press LLC
Morganti, Charlotte, Done and Dusted (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Moscovitch, Philip, Carver's Mistake, Run Amok Books / Run Amok Crime
Moulton, donalee, Swan Song, Crime Writers of Canada
Murphy, Lynne, The Lady Killer, Crime Writers of Canada
Murphy, Lynne, Gracie, the Invisible Dog (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Papoutsis, Carolanne, No Traps, No Spray (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Petersen Burfield, Jane, Whispers (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Phelan, Twist, The Bridge, Dell Magazines
Phelan, Twist, The Kindness of Strangers, Dell Magazines
Piwowarczyk, Ed, The Haunting of Mississippi Belle (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Place, Rosalind, A Faint Disturbance of Hope (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Poulsen, David A., The Day Peter Gzowski Died (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Robson, Merrillee, On the Side of Angels, Dell Magazines
Robson, Merrillee, Tired of Bath, Dell Magazines
Robson, Merrilee, His Last Duchess, Mystery Magazine
Ryan, Desmond, Cold Comfort, A.B. Patterson
Skaff, Madona, Moving On (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Soles, Caro, The Yellow Bird (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Soop, Alex, Mr. Knife, Durvile & UpRoute Books
St. George, Gabrielle, Cold Ethyl (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Thompson, Hope, Stage Diary, 1953 (Cold Canadian Crime), Crime Writers of Canada
Thornton, Kevin P. , The Fixer (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 
Vincent, Bev, Cold Case, Wildside Press,
Vincent, Bev, The Unburied Past, Red Dog Press
Vincent, Bev, Good Neighbors, Blue Cubicle Press
Wong, Sandra SG, Family Reunion, Down and Out Books
Wood, Laurie, Natural Consequences (Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age ), Sisters in Crime - Canada West
Yi, Melissa, My Two-Legs, Dell Magazines
Yi, Melissa, The Mob Bar Mob (In the Spirit of 13), Carrick Publishing 


Best French Crime Book (Fiction and Nonfiction)

Blouin, Geneviève, Le Mouroir des anges, Éditions Alire
Goudreault, David, Maple, Stanke (groupe sogides inc.)
Grégoire, Isabelle, Vert comme l'enfer, Éditions Québec Amérique
LaDuchesse, Chloé , L'incendiaire de Sudbury, Héliotrope
Lafortune, Isabelle, Chaîne de glace, Éditions XYZ
Michaud, Andrée A., Proies, Éditions Québec Amérique
Morrissette, Guillaume, Le dernier manège, Saint-Jean éditeur
Payne, Suzan, Modus operandi, Éditions Perce-Neige
Pelletier, Jean-Jacques, En marge de l'apocalypse, Éditions Alire
Raux-Dufort, Christohe, L'alsorithme de Rebecca Mehdelson, Saint-Jean éditeur
Spehner, Norbert, Le Roman policier en Amérique française -3 (2011-2020), Éditions Alire
Ste-Marie, Richard, Monsieur Hämmerli, Éditions Alire


Best Juvenile or YA Crime Book (Fiction and Nonfiction)

Anstee, Ashlyn, A Mountain of a Problem, Viking Books for Young Readers
Armstrong, Kelley, The Final Trial: Royal Guide to Monster Slaying, Book 4, Puffin Canada
Carter, Brooke, Sulfur Heart, Orca Book Publisher
Counios & Gane, Shepherd's Call: A Shepherd & Wolfe Mystery, Your Nickel's Worth Publishing
Deen, Natasha, Lark Steals the Show, Orca Book Publisher
Everett, Sarah, How to Live Without You, Clarion Books
Greenslade, Frances, Green Mountain Academy, Tundra Books
Jocelyn, Marthe, Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen: The Seaside Corpse, Tundra Books
Khan, H.N., Wrong Side of the Court, Penguin Teen Canada
King, Wesley, Butt Sandwich and Tree, Paula Wiseman/Simon & Schuster Canada
Lekich, John, Murder at the Hotel Hopeless, Orca Book Publisher
Marko, Cyndi, Sloth Sleuth, Clarion Books
Partridge, Lynda, Why Are You Still Here? A Lillian Mystery, Durvile & UpRoute Books
Payne, Mary Jennifer, Grave Message, Orca Book Publisher
Sands, Kevin, Seekers of the Fox, Viking Books for Young Readers
Treggiari, Jo, Heartbreak Homes, Nimbus


The Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book sponsored by Simpson & Wellenreiter LLP (Hamilton)

Arntfield, Michael, How to Solve a Cold Case: And Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Catching Killers, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Burtinshaw, Julie, Hangman: The true story of Canada's first official executioner, Tidewater Press
Century, Douglas, The Last Boss of Brighton, HarperCollins Canada
Cook / Carson, Sharon Anne / Margaret, The Castleton Massacre, Dundurn Press Ltd.
Esau, Alvin A. J., The Gorilla Man Strangler Case: Serial Killer Earle Nelson, Friesen Press
Goldenberg, Susan, Deadly Triangle, Dundurn Press Ltd.
Hill, John L., Pine Box Parole, Durvile Publishing.
Marczenko, Tim, Gone Cold: Death and Disappearances in the Northwoods, Pitch Black Press
Palango, Paul, 22 Murders: Investigating the Massacres, Cover-up and Obstacles to Justice in Nova Scotia, Random House Canada
Reimer, Chad, Deadly Neighbours: A Tale of Colonialism, Cattle Feuds, Murder and Vigilantes in the Far West, Caitlin Press
Robertson / Kimber, Jennifer / Stephen, Bitcoin Widow: Love, Betrayal and the Missing Millions, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Rustad, Harley, Lost in the Valley of Death, Knopf Canada - Penguin Random House Canada
Ryan, Steve, The Ghosts That Haunt Me, Dundurn Press Ltd.
Sullivan, Rosemary, The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Warren, Alan R, Bruce McArthur: The Toronto Gay Village Murders, House of Mystery Publishing
Warren, Alan R, Leopold & Loeb: The Killing of Bobby Franks, House of Mystery Publishing
Weinman, Sarah, Scoundral, Knopf Canada - Penguin Random House Canada




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