2016 Arthur Ellis Awards for


Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing



Entered for Best Crime Novel

Entered for Best Crime First Novel

Entered for Best Novella

Entered for Best Crime Short Story

Entered for Best French Crime Book

Entered for Best Juvenile Crime Book

Entered for Best Nonfiction Crime Book


Entered for Best Crime Novel

K.L. Abrahamson, Through Dark Water, Twisted Root Publishing

Cathy Ace, The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer, Seven House Publishers

Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Diamond Hand, Touchwood Editions

Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes, Touchwood Editions

Margaret Atwood, The Heart Goes Last, McClelland & Stewart

Roxanne Barbour, Revolutions, Whiskey Creek Press

Lindwood Barclay, Broken Promise, Doubleday Canada

Jeremy Bates, The Catacombs, Ghillinnein Books

E.C. Bell, Drowning in Amber, Tyche Books Ltd.

Michael Blair, True Believers, Linda Leith Publishing

Peggy Blair, Hungry Ghosts, Simon and Schuster Canada

Brian Blosser, A Storm is Brewing, Self Published

Giles Blunt, The Hesitation Cut, Penguin Random House Canada

Gail Bowen, 12 Rose Street, McClelland & Stewart

Alan Bradley, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust, Doubleday Canada

Janet Brons, Not a Clue, Touchwood Editions

John Brooke, Tropéano’s Gun, Signature Editions

Cliff Burns, Disloyal Son, Black Dog Press

Steve Burrows, A Pitying of Doves, Dundurn

Brenda Chapman, Butterfly Kills, Dundurn

John Colapinto, Undone, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Nick Cutter, The Deep, Gallery

Jen J. Danna, Two Parts Bloody Murder, Five Star Publishing

Sebastian De Castell, Knight’s Shadow, Viking Canada

William Deverell, Sing a Worried Song, ECW Press

R.E. Donald, Sundown on Top of the World, Proud Horse Publishing

Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Gold Fever, Books We Love Ltd.

Marcelle Dubé, Ghosts of Morocco, Falcon Ridge Publishing

Elizabeth J. Duncan, Slated for Death, Minotaur

Don Easton, Art and Murder, Dundurn

Caterina Edwards, The Sicilian Wife, Linda Leith Publishing

Anne Emery, Ruined Abbey, ECW Press

John Farrow, The Storm Murders, Minotaur

Gloria Ferris, Shroud of Roses, Dundurn

Joy Fielding, Someone is Watching, Doubleday Canada

Susan Glickman, Safe as Houses, Cormorant Books

Nowick Gray, Hunter’s Daughter, Fiver River’s Publishing

R.J. Harlick, A Cold White Fear, Dundurn

Bill Haugland, The Informants, Véhicule Press

Donald J. Hauka, Pizza 911, Dundurn

Brett Hopson, Jericho Beach, Self Published

Andrew Hunt, A Killing in Zion, Minotaur

June Hutton, Two-Gun and Sun, Caitlin Press

Michael Januska, Maiden Lane, Dundurn

Daniel Kalla, Nightfall Over Shanghai, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Dietrich Kalteis, The Deadbeat Club, ECW Press

Janet Kellough, The Burying Ground, Dundurn

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan, Where Bodies Fall, Véhicule Press

Peter Kirby, Open Season, Linda Leith Publishing

Robert Landori, Four Equations, Friesen Press

Stephen Legault, The Same River Twice, Touchwood Editions

Matt Lenox, Knucklehead, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Barbara Leslie, Cracked, Titan (Penguin Random House Canada)

Gerald Lynch, Missing Children, Signature Editions

Janice MacDonald, Another Margaret, Turnstone Press

Stephen Marche, The Hunger of the Wolf, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Finley Martin, The Death Letter, Acorn Press

Alen Mattich, The Heart of Hell, House of Anansi Press

Michael J. McCann, Sorrow Lake, The Plaid Raccoon Press

John McFetridge, A Little More Free, ECW Press

D.J. McIntosh, The Angel of Eden, Penguin Canada

R.J. McMillen, Black Tide Rising, Touchwood Editions

J.A. Menzies, Shadow of a Butterfly, Murder Will Out Mysteries

Sandra Nikolai, Icy Silence, Vemcort Publishing

Kurt Palka, The Piano Maker, McClelland & Stewart

Louise Penny, The Nature of the Beast, Minotaur

Kayla Perrin, What’s Done in Darkness, St. Martin’s Press

Susan Philpott, Blown Red, Simon and Schuster Canada

Andrew Pyper, The Damned, Simon and Schuster Canada

Jon Redfern, Children of the Tide, Dundurn

A.J. Rich, The Hand that Feeds You, Scribner

Jeffery Round, After the Horses, Dundurn

Jeffery Round, The Jade Butterfly, Dundurn

Douglas Schofield, Time of Departure, Minotaur

Nazneen Sheikh, The Place of Shining Light, House of Anansi Press

Chevy Stevens, Those Girls, St. Martin’s Press

Jay Storey, The Arx, Non Sequitur Publishing

Carsten Stroud, The Reckoning, Knopf Canada

David Whellams, Verdict on Each Man Dead, ECW Press

Robert Wiersema, Black Feathers, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Inger Ash Wolfe, The Night Bell, McClelland & Stewart

S.G. Wong, In For a Pound, Self Published



Entered for Best First Crime Novel


Marty Allen, Cordelia, Allen Creations

Louise Carson, Executor, Signature Editions

Michael Christie, If I Fall, If I Die, McClelland & Stewart

J. Mark Collins, Hard Drive, iUniverse

Elisabeth de Mariaffi, The Devil You Know, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Allan J. Emerson, Death of a Bride and Groom, Five Star

Sarah Fox, Dead Ringer, Harper Collins

Susan Gnucci, In Her Mind’s Eye, Self Published

James Grainger, Harmless, McClelland & Stewart

Dean Hamilton, The Jesuit Letter, Self Published

David Hood, What Kills Good Men, Nimbus Publishing

Christine Kehdar Horne, Tarstopping, Newest Press

Ausma Zehana Khan, The Unquiet Dead, Minotaur

Alexis Koetting, Encore, Five Star

Bob Kroll, The Drop Zone, ECW Press

Brian Lindsay, Old Bones, Volumes Publishing

Cheryl MacDonald, Colonel Nichol and the Murdered Maiden, Heronwood Enterprises

James Osborne, The Ultimate Threat, Endeavour Press Ltd.

John Oughton, Death by Triangulation, Neo Poiesis

Susan Palmer, Death by Budo, Create Space

Judy Penz Sheluk, The Hanged Man’s Noose, Barking Rain Press

James Ronson, Power and Possessions, Hidden Brook Press

Craig Shreve, One Night in Mississippi, TAP Books

Madona Skaff-Koren, Journey of a Thousand Steps, Renaissance Press

Neil Smith, Boo, Penguin Random House Canada

Kristina Stanley, Descent, Imajin Books

Keith Weaver, An Uncompromising Place, Iguana Books

T.E. Wilson, Mezcalero, Montezuma Books



Entered for Best Crime Novella


Gail Anderson-Dargatz, Playing with Fire, Orca Book Publishers

Catherine Astolfo, Up Chit Creek, Imajin Books

Jeremy Bates, Black Canyon, Dark Hearts

Jeremy Bates, Neighbours, Dark Hearts

Alison Bruce, Deady Season, Imajin Books

M.H. Callway, Glow Grass, Carrick Publishing

Dayle Campbell Gaetz, Disappearing Act, Orca Book Publishers

Brenda Chapman, A Model Death, Grass Roots Press

Vicky Delany, Haitian Graves, Orca Book Publishers

Gloria Ferris and Donna Warner, Targeted, Black Opal Books

Barbara Fradkin, The Night Thief, Orca Book Publishers

Brian Harvey, Beethoven’s Tenth, Orca Book Publishers

Don McLellan, Brunch with the Jackals, Thistledown Press

Nanci Pattenden, Death on Duchess Street, Murder Does Pay, Ink

Michelle Wan, I.O.U. Dead, Orca Book Publishers



Entered for Best Crime Short Story


Karen Abrahamson, With One Shoe, The Playground of Lost Toys, Exile Press

Cathy Ace, The Trouble with the Turkey, Kings River Life Magazine

Cathy Ace, Tiding of Comfort and Joy, Kings River Life Magazine

Colleen Anderson, The Asylum, nEvermore!, Edge S&F Publishing

Kelley Armstrong, The Orange Cat, nEvermore!, Edge S&F publishing

Catherine Astolfo, Pulling a Rabbit, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Rosemary Aubert, The Bench Rests, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

John Barker, Cakes and Ale, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Jayne Barnard, Sudden Death, AB Negative, Coffin Hop Press

Rob Brunet, The Hunt, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Jane Peterson Burfield, Hidden, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Jane Peterson Burfield, The Inheritance, nEvermore!, Edge S&F

Melodie Campbell, Murder for the B Team, Sleuth Magazine

Melodie Campbell, Perfect Timing, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Melodie Campbell, The Test of Time, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Donna Carrick, The 14th of Forever, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Hilary Davidson, The Siege, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Catherine Dunphy, Beat the Clock, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

C.B. Forrest, The Runaway Girl From Portland, Oregon, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Barbara Fradkin, The Lighthouse, nEvermore!, Edge S&F publishing

Cheryl Freedman, Mirror, Mirror, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Axel Howerton, Devil’s Due, AB Negative, Coffin Hop Press

Axel Howerton, Goodnight Irene, Sleuth Magazine

Sharon Hunt, The Water was Rising, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Scott Mackay, The Avocado Kid, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Rosemary McCracken, Nick of Time, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Rosemary McCracken, Plastic Paddies, Destination: Mystery!, Darkhouse Books

Don McLellan, Alice Bird, Brunch with the Jackals, Thistledown Press

Don McLellan, Green Honda, Brunch with the Jackals, Thistledown Press

Don McLellan, Sweet and Sour, Brunch with the Jackals, Thistledown Press

Lynne Murphy, Being Led a Fox, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Ed Piwowarczyk, Life Lesson, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

James Powell, Guy Talk, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

James Powell, The Poet’s Stew Pot, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Corey Redekop, Moot, The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir, Exile Editions

Michael Skeet, Mastering the Art of French Killing, Licence Expired, Chizine

Kristina Stanley, When a Friendship Fails, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Collen Steele, Dented, Toys in the Attic, James Ward Kirk Publishing

Michael Caleb Tasker, A Loneliness to the Thought, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Kevin P. Thornton, The Mystery of the Missing Help, Northword Magazine

Kevin P. Thornton, The Puzzle in the Game, AB Negative, Coffin Hop Press

Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Life is a Big Headache, Mesdames of Mayhem: 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing

Carol Weekes and Michael Kelly, The Ravens of Consequence, nEvermore!, Edge S&F

Sam Wiebe, Head Down, The Violent, Image Comics

Elle Wild, Playing Dead, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

S.G. Wong, Movable Type, AB Negative Anthology, Coffin Hop Press

S.G. Wong, The Fx, Sleuth Magazine

Melissa Yi, Om, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine



Entered for Best French Crime Book


Camille Bouchard, Cartel, Éditions Alire

Benoît Bouthillette, L’heure sans ombre, Druide

Chrystine Brouillet, Le Mort mène le Bal, Éditions de L’Homme

Chrystine Brouillet, Six minutes, Druide

Laurent Chabin, Quand j’avais cinqans je l’ai tué!, Expression Noire

Luc Chartrand, L’Affaire Myosotis, Québec Amérique,

Claire Cooke, Le cruciverbiste, Les Éditions Goélette

Hugues Corriveau, Les enfants de Liverpool, Druide

Sylvie-Catherine De Vailly, Usage de Faux, Recto Verso Éditions

Andree Decarie, Apocalypse une société secréte, Les Editions Revolte

François Désalliers, Asphalte City, Druide

Jean Louis Fleury, L’Affaire Céline, Éditions Alire

Hervé Gagnon, Maria-Une enguête de Joseph Laflamme, Expression Noire

Isabelle Gagnon, Du sang sur ses lèvres, Heliotrope

Stéphanie Gauthier, Une fille trop curieuse, Éditions Triptyque

Benoît Gignac, Deux enquétes du sergent-détective Leblanc, Les Éditions Goélette

Maxime Houde, La Misère des laissés-pour-compte, Éditions Alire

André Jacques, La bataille de Pavie, Druide

Bruno Jobin, Les fleurs du malheur, Éditions Vents d’Ouest

Léolane Kemner, Trent deniers, Les Éditions Goélette

Stéphane Ledien, Sur ses gardes- Les phalanges d’Eddy Barcot, A L’etage

Jean Lemineux, Le Mauvais Côtés des Choses, Québec Amérique

Patrice Lessard, Excellence Poulet, Heliotrope

Maureen Martineau, Le jour des mort, VLB éditeur,

Maureen Martineau, Une eglist pour les oiseaux, Heliotrope,

Florence Meney, L’encre mauve, Druide

Sandra Messih, Le Rythme du Mensonge, Recto Verso Éditions

Martin Michaud, Quand j’étais Théodore Seaborn, Les Éditions Goélette

Guillaume Morrissette, L’Affaire Mélodie Cromier, Guy Saint-Jean Editeur

Maryse Rouy, Voleurs d’enfants, Druide

Zhanie Roy, Trois frois la bête, A L’etage

Patrick Senécal, Faims, Éditions Alire

Catherine Sylvestre, La Vieille Fille de la mort, Éditions Alire

Ghislain Taschereau, Étoiles tombantes, Les Éditions Goélette

Diane Vincent, Peaux de soie, Éditions Triptyque



Entered for Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book


Don Aker, Delusion Road, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

R.J. Anderson, A Pocket Full of Murder, Atheneum

Kelley Armstrong, The Masked Truth, Doubleday Canada

Kelley Armstrong, The Unquiet Past, Orca Book Publishers

Jayne Barnard, Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond, Tyche Books Ltd.

Sigmund Brouwer, Nowhere to Hide, Harvest House

Jasmine D’Costa, Real Justice: Branded a Baby Killer- The Story of Tammy Marquardt, James Lorimer & Company Ltd.

John Denison, The Casebook of Padlock Holmes, Why Knot Books

Vicki Grant, Small Bones, Orca Book Publishers

Sarah Henstra, Mad Miss Mimic, Razorbill Canada

Robert Hough, Diego’s Crossing, Annick Press

Kate Jaimet, Endangered, Poisoned Pencil Press

Gordon Korman, Masterminds, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Y.S. Lee, The Agency 4: Rivals in the City, Candlewick Press

Roy MacGregor, Reality Check in Detroit, Tundra Books

Norah McClintock, My Life Before Me, Orca Book Publishers

Norah McClintock, Tru Detective, Orca Book Publishers

Sylvia McNicoll, Best Friends Through Eternity, Tundra Books

Angela Misri, Thrice Burned, Fierce Ink Books

Eric Murphy, The Dead Man’s Boot, Dancing Cat Books

Yvonne Prinz, If You’re Lucky, Algonquin Young Readers

Jeff Ross, Set You Free, Orca Book Publishers

Kevin Sands, The Blackthorn Key, Aladdin

Caroline Stellings, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Second Story Press

Jordan Stratford, The Case of the Missing Moonstone, RH Children’s Books

Allan Stratton, The Dogs, Scholastic Canada

Barrie Summy, The Disappearance of Emily H, RH Children’s Books

Stephanie Tromly, Trouble is a Friend of Mine, Penguin Young Readers

Pam Withers, Andreo’s Race, Tundra Books

Tim Wynn-Jones, The Emperor of Any Place, Candlewick Press

Edward Yatscoff, Voodoo Bully, Self Published



Entered for BestNonfiction Crime Book


Andy Burns, Wrapped in Plastic, ECW Press

Nadia Fezzani, Through the Eyes of Serial Killers, Dundurn

Gary Garrison, Human on the Inside: Unlocking the Truth about Canada’s Prisons, University of Regina Press

Dean Jobb, Empire of Deception, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Debra Komar, The Bastard of Fort Stikine: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Murder of John McLoughlin, Jr., Goose Lane Editions

Jerry Langton, Cold War, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Colleen Lewis and Jennifer Hicks, Mr Big: The Investigation into the Deaths of Karen and Krista Hart, Flanker Press

Kate Lines, Crime Seen, Penguin Random House Canada

Philip Slayton, Mayors Gone Bad, Viking Canada

Gilles Tetreault, The One Who Got Away- Escape from the Kill Room, Triplicity Publishing

Ann Walmsley, The Prison Book Club, Viking Canada

Emmanuelle Walter, Stolen Sisters, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.



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