2017 Entries

Entered for Best Crime Novel

Entered for Best Crime First Novel

Entered for Best Novella

Entered for Best Crime Short Story

Entered for Best French Crime Book

Entered for Best Juvenile Crime Book

Entered for Best Nonfiction Crime Book


Entered for Best Crime Novel
Victoria Abbott, The Hammett Hex, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Ruby Lips, TouchWood Editions
Judith Alguire, A Most Unpleasant Picture, Signature Editions
Kelley Armstrong, City of the Lost, Penguin Random House Canada
Carolyn Arnold, In the Line of Duty, Hibbert and Stiles Publishing Inc.
Carolyn Arnold, Violated, Hibbert and Stiles Publishing Inc.
Wayne Arthurson, Blood Red Summer, Eschia Books
Wayne Arthurson, The Traitors of Camp 133, Ravenstone
Todd Babiak, Son of France, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Linwood Barclay, Far From True, Doubleday Canada
Linwood Barclay, The Twenty-Three, Doubleday Canada
Mike Barnes, The Adjustment League, Biblioasis
Jack Batten, Keeper of the Flame, Dundurn
E.C. Bell, Stalking the Dead, Tyche Books
Anthony Bidulka, Set Free, Bon Vivant Books
Peggy Blair, Umbrella Man, Simon & Schuster Canada
JT Blundell, Fool Whiskey Hero, New Pulp Press
Mario Bolduc and Nigel Spencer, The Kashmir Trap, Dundurn
Gail Bowen, What’s Left Behind, McCelland & Stewart
Alan Bradley, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d, Doubleday Canada
Sigmund Brouwer, Saffire, Waterbrook/Penguin Random House Canada
Steve Burrows, A Cast of Falcons, Dundurn
Bernadette Calonego, Stormy Cove, Amazon Crossing
Brenda Chapman, Tumbled Graves, Dundurn
Amanda Cooper, The Grim Steeper, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Carolyn Dale, Cui Bono?, Books We Love
Vicki Delany, Unreasonable Doubt, Poisoned Pen Press
Vicki Delany, We Wish You a Murderous Christmas, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Sara Driscoll, Lone Wolf, Kensington Books
Marcelle Dubé, Shelter, Falcon Ridge Publishing
Elizabeth J. Duncan, Ill Met by Murder, Crooked Lane Books
Don Easton, A Delicate Matter, Dundurn
Anne Emery, Lament for Bonnie, ECW Press
John Farrow, Seven Days Dead, Minotaur
Joy Fielding, She’s Not There, Doubleday Canada
Barry Finlay, A Perilous Question, Keep on Climbing
Barbara Fradkin, Fire in the Stars, Dundurn
Eva Gates, Reading Up a Storm, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Ed Greenwood, Death Masks, Wizards of the Coast/ Penguin Random House Canada
Victoria Hamilton, Much Ado About Muffin, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Michael Helm, After James, McCelland & Stewart
Michael Hiebert, Sticks and Stones, Kensington/Penguin Random House Canada
Axel Howerton, Furr, Tyche Books
C.C. Humphreys, Fire, Doubleday Canada
Andrew Hunt, Desolation Flats, Minotaur
Roy Innes, The Extra Cadaver Murder, NeWest Press
Maureen Jennings, Dead Ground in Between, McCelland & Stewart
Phonse Jessome, Disposable Souls, Nimbus Publishings/ Vagrant Press
Dietrich Kalteis, House of Blazes, ECW Press
Dietrich Kalteis, Triggerfish, ECW Press
Janet Kellough, Wishful Seeing, Dundurn
Suzanne F. Kingsmill, Crazy Dead, Dundurn
Shari Lapena, The Couple Next Door, Doubleday Canada
Owen Laukkanen, The Watcher in the Wall, Penguin Random House Canada
Susan Lee, The Malice Effect, Self-Published
Barbara Leslie, Rehab Run, Titan/ Penguin Random House Canada
Allan Levine, The Bootlegger’s Confession, Ravenstone
Stephen Maher, Salvage, Dundurn
Rosemary McCracken, Raven Lake, Imajin Books
John McFetridge, One or the Other, ECW Press
RJ McMillen, Green River Falling, TouchWood Editions
George Mercer, Wood Buffalo, Self-Published
Donna Morrissey, The Fortunate Brother, Viking Canada
Fraser Nixon, Straight to the Head, Arsenal Pulp Press
Louise Penny, A Great Reckoning, Minotaur
Judy Penz Sheluk, Skeletons in the Attic, Imajin Books
Twist Phelan, Doubt, Virage Press,  LLC
Twist Phelan, Fake, Virage Press,  LLC
Twist Phelan, Splice, Virage Press,  LLC
Susan Philpott, Dark Territory, Simon & Schuster Canada
Steven Price, By Gaslight, McCelland & Stewart
Peter Robinson, When the Music’s Over, McCelland & Stewart
Jeffrey Round, Endgame, Dundurn
Garry Ryan, Indiana Pulcinella, NeWest Press
Sophie Ryan, A Whisker of Trouble, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Robert J. Sawyer, Quantum Night, Viking Canada
Douglas Schofield, Storm Rising, Minotaur
Eileen Schuh, Operation Maxtracker, Kastle Harbour Publishing
Eileen Vera Schuh, Shadow Riders, Kastle Harbour Publishing
Phyllis Smallman, Beach Kill, Self-Published
Kay Stewart and Chris Bullock, Tour de Mort, Frissen Press
D.K. Stone, Edge of Wild, Stonehouse Publishing
Yasuko Thanh, Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains, Hamish Hamilton Canada
Ian Truman, Grand Trunk and Shearer, Down and Out Books
K.A. Tucker, He Will be My Ruin, Pocket
Iona Whishaw, A Killer in King’s Cove, TouchWood Editions
Loreth Anne White, In the Barren Ground, Montlake/ Amazon Publishing
Sam Wiebe, Invisible Dead, Penguin Random House Canada
Linda Wiken, Toasting Up Trouble, Berkely/ Penguin Random House Canada
Nick Wilkshire, Escape to Havana, Dundurn
S.G Wong, Devil Take the Hindmost, Self-Published
Ausma Zehanat Khan, A Language of Secrets, Minotaur Books



Entered for Best First Crime Novel
sponsored by Rakuten Kobo with a $1000 prize
Ryan Alred, Rum Luck, Five Star
Trine Bronken, The Bloody Business of Luck, Trine Bronken
Shelby Cain, Mountain Girl, Oolichan Books
F. Colin Duerden, Bloodwater, Moonshine Cove Publishing
Patricia Filteau, Vantage Point,  A Kate Roarty P.I. Novel
Andrew Jay Gillespie, Blood,  Wings and Whiskey: On the Trail of a Killer, Tell Well
R.M. Greenaway, Cold Girl, Dundurn
Jay Hosking, Three Years with the Rat, Hamish Hamilton Canada
Mark Lisac, Where the Bodies Lie, NeWest Press
Graham MacDermott, Revenge River, Book Baby
Peter McPhie, Deadly Conviction, Self-Published
Doug Morrison, Course Correction, Stonehouse Publishing
Geri Newell Gillen, Quite Perfectly Dead, Deux Voiliers
Katherine Prairie, Thirst, Stonedrift Press LTD.
C.S. Reardon, The Spanish Boy, Signature Editions
Iain Reid, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Simon & Schuster Canada
Merrilee Robson, Murder is Uncooperative, North Star Press
Amy Stuart, Still Mine, Simon & Schuster Canada
Jessica L. Webb, Trigger, Bold Strokes Books
Elle Wild, Strange Things Done, Dundurn


Entered for The Lou Allin Memorial Novella
with a $250 prize.
 Gail Anderson-Dargatz, Race Against Time, Orca Book Publishers
Catherine Astolfo, Operation Babylift, Imajin Books
Rick Blechta, Rundown, Orca Book Publishers
Melodie Campbell, The Goddaughter Caper, Orca Book Publishers
Brenda Chapman, No Trace, Grass Roots Press
Reed Farrel Coleman, Love and Fear, Orca Book Publishers
Gemma Files, What You See (When the Lights Are Out), Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Brian Harvey, Tokyo Girl, Orca Book Publishers
Michael Paul Michaud, The Introvert, Black Opal Books
Jas R. Petrin, The Devil You Know, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine
Alex C. Renwick (with Steven Utley), Girlie, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine
John Lawrence Reynolds, A Murder for Max, Orca Book Publishers
Linda L. Richards, When Blood Lies, Orca Book Publishers
Peter Robinson, The Village That Lost It’s Head, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
Sofie Ryan, No More Pussyfooting Around, Berkley
Hayden Trenholm, Marion’s War, Laksa Media Groups Inc.


Entered for Best Crime Short Story
Cathy Ace, Steve’s Story, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Anne Barton, Strike Three, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Rob Brunet, Skinny’s Beach, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
Linda Cahill, Escape From the Beach, Villainous Vacations Anthology/Karen Dryden Publishing
Suzanne Church, Dallas’s Booth, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Miriam Clavir, Disaster Planning, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Susan Daly, A Death at the Parsonage, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Susan Daly, Family Traditions, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Alice Fitzpatrick, Summer of the Black Madonna, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Elizabeth Hosang, Where There’s A Will, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime 
Tyler Keevil, The Weeds and the Wilderness, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Rich Larson, Carnivores, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Scott Mackay, The Ascent, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
J.A. Menzies, Power Play, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
David Morrell, The Granite Kitchen, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
Lynne Murphy, A Terminal Affair, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Helen Nelson, No More Waiting, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Judy Penz Sheluk, Goulaigans, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Judy Penz Sheluk, Saturday with Bronwyn, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Ed Piwowarczyk, Avenging Desdemona, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
James Powell, To Kill a Rocking Horse, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
Robert Runté, The Age of Miracles, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Darlene Ryan, Accidents Happen, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Jennifer Soosar, Profane Pilgrims, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines
Cynthia St-Pierre, Dear Reader, Flash Bang Mysteries
Cynthia St-Pierre, Terror in Judgment, Mystery Weekly Magazine
Coleen Steele, A Sucker for St. Nick, The Whole She-Bang 3/Toronto Sisters in Crime
Amanda Sun, What Harm, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
Kevin P. Thornton, Getting There, Northword
Edward Willet, I Count the Lights, Laksa Media Groups Inc.


Entered for Best French Crime Book
Camille Bouchard, Et Dieu perd son temps, Éditions Alire
Camille Bouchard, Nouvelle-Orléans, Québec Amérique
Marie-Eve Bourassa, Red Light tome 1: Adieu,  Mignonne, Ville Marie Littérature
Marie-Eve Bourassa, Red Light tome 2: Frères d’infortune, Ville Marie Littérature
Chrystine Brouillet, Vrai ou faux, Druide
Laurent Chabin, Embrasse ton amour sans lâcher ton couteau, Les Éditions Libre Expression
Hervé Gagnon, Benjamin- Une enquéte de Joseph Laflamme, Les Éditions Libre Expression
Bernard Gilbert, Pygmalion tatoué, Druide
Simon Lafrance, Comment j’ai appris à tuer, Les Éditions Goélette
Sylvain Meunier, Saint-Chause, À ‘étage
Guillaume Morrissette, Terreur domestique, Guy Saint-Jean
Maryse Rouy, L’affaire Guillot, Druide
Patrick Senécal, L’Autre Reflet, Éditions Alire
Johanne Seymour, Rinzen et l’homme perdu, Les Éditions Libre Expression
Norbert Spehner, Le Détectionnaire- Dictionnaire des personnages princioaux de la littérature policère et d’espionnage, Éditions Alire
Richard Ste-Marie, Le Blues des sacrifiés, Éditions Alire
Mélanie Tremblay, Le sang des innocentes, Guy Saint-Jean
Diane Vincent, Le protocole expérimental, Triptyque


Entered for Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book
 Counios & Gane, Along Comes a Wolfe, Your Nickle’s Worth Publishing
Gordon Korman, Masterminds: Criminal Destiny, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Jenny Manzer, Save Me,  Kurt Cobain, Penguin Random House Canada
Norah McClintock, Trial by Fire, Orca Book Publishers
John Moss, The Girl in a Coma, The Poisoned Pencil- Poisoned Pen Press
Kenneth Oppel, Every Hidden Thing, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Shane Peacock, The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim, Tundra Books
Caroline Pignat, Shooter, Tundra Books
Monique Polak, Forensics Squad Unleashed, Orca Book Publishers
Jeyne Roberts, When They Fade, Penguin Random House Canada
Arthur Slade, Flickers, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Jordan Stratford, The Case of the Girl in Grey, Penguin Random House Canada
Teresa Toten, Beware That Girl, Tundra Books
Stephanie Tromly, Trouble Makes A Comeback, Penguin Young Readers
Eva Wiseman, Another Me, Tundra Books


Entered for BestNonfiction Crime Book
Anita Arvast, What Killed Jane Creba, Dundurn
Christie Blatchford, Life Sentence, Doubleday Canada
Ann Brocklehurst, Dark Ambition: The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, Viking Canada
J. Thomas Dalby, Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind, Durvile Publications
Kevin Donovan, Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation, Goose Lane Editions
Max Eisen, By Chance Alone, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Lisa Freeman, She Won’t be Silenced, RJ Parker Publishing
Joe Friesen, The Ballad of Danny Wolfe: Life of a Modern Outlaw, Signal/ McClelland & Stewart
Jeremy Grimaldi, A Daughter’s Deadly Deception, Dundurn
Dillon Hillier and Russell Hillier, One Solider, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.
Debra Komar, Black River Road: An Unthinkable Crime, an Unlikely Suspect, and the Question of Character, Goose Lane Editions
Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon, Shadow of Doubt: The Trail of Dennis Oland, Goose Lane Editions
Frank Pitts, Confessions of a Mountie, Flanker Press
Diane Schoemperlen, This is Not My Life, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.



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