2011 Arthur Ellis Awards Winners



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Best Crime Novel

Louise Penny
Bury Your Dead
Little, Brown UK

"Louise Penny's Bury Your Dead is a book that lingers in the mind. Thick with atmosphere and images of Quebec City in winter, the book delves deep into the almost forgotten, dwindling Anglo community in the city, as Inspector Gamache becomes involved in the city's tangled history, and the identity of a body in the  Literary and Historical Society basement. Bury Your Dead stands out because of the writing, the exploration of friendship and history, and the haunting atmosphere that still holds some hope at the end." - The Judges


Best First Crime Novel

Avner Mandleman
The Debba
Other Press

"A very strong field of contenders in the best first novel category left the judges with a rewarding, but difficult task. Using the form of the classic murder mystery, this year's winner, The Debba, roams over the vast and richly textured landscape of Israeli/Palestinian history, to explore not only one man's crisis of faith and chance at redemption, but the nations' as well." - The Judges


Best French Crime Book

Jacques Côté
Dans le quartier des agités

"Original and well-researched, this historical mystery has the scope of a 19th century French classic. The details give credibility to the settings of France and Canada in the early 1900's, to the events and to the many characters that help the story come alive. Côté's biggest strength might be his characters: each of them brings a new dimension to the story.  In Dans le quartier des agités, the plot is complex but we believe every scheme, secret and twist because Côté doesn't try to fool us; he tells a straightforward and gripping story of murder and mayhem in the early days of forensics." - The Judges


Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book

Alice Kuipers
The Worst Thing She Ever Did

"With lyrical prose, Alice Kuipers takes us on a rivetting journey in a teen's mind as the girl learns to confront a recent tragedy so she can start building a future for herself. Subtle glimpses of this tragedy build suspense throughout the story until it reaches a climax almost as powerful for the reader as it is for the young protagonist." - The Judges



Best Crime Nonfiction

Stevie Cameron
On the Farm
Knopf Canada

"Stevie Cameron did a wonderful job of narrating one of the most gruesome crime sprees in Canadian history.  She captured the atmosphere of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside along with describing the lifestyles of both the perpetrator and his victims.  Her narrative deals honestly with the limitations of the various players involved in the criminal investigation.  Most importantly, Ms. Cameron was able to convey the emotions that were a major part of the drama.  The investigative skills that Ms. Cameron has used in other books were amply displayed in On the Farm." - The Judges


Best Crime Short Story

Mary Jane Maffini
“So Much in Common”
in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

"Mary Jane Maffini's So Much in Common caught the attention of the judges because it flowed so naturally to its conclusion, which was not predictable, and yet left the reader satisfied that the events would have truly unfolded as they did, that the people were true to their motivations.  There was no trick at the end, just the sense that, yes, that's how it happened." - The Judges


Best Unpublished First Crime Novel

The Unhanged Arthur

John Jeneroux
Better Off Dead

"Strong first novel with snappy dialogue combined with poignant writing that is, by turns, insightful, gritty, harrowing, and humorous. Jeneroux’s characters are likeable. Better of Dead is elevated from the stereotype with a sharp sense of timing, smooth writing, and a page-turning plot." - The Judges


Derrick Murdoch Award Winner

Louise Allin

"Lou’s insightful, wise and thoughtful advice, guidance and over the years in committee, Board or regional work have been invaluable..." more



Derrick Murdock Award Winners

N.A.T. Grant

"I don’t have time to enumerate all the committees that Nancy has left her legacy upon, but the Mentorship Program, Special Events, Grants and the Website are among the most indelible. Particularly with the website..." more





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