2012 Arthur Ellis Book List


 Entered for Best Crime Novel 

Entered for Best First Novel 

Entered for Best French Language Crime Book

Entered for Best Juvenile Crime Book

Entered for Best Crime Nonfiction 

Entered for Best Crime Short Story

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Entered for Best
Crime Novel

Don Bapst, The Hanged Man, Signature Editions

Linwood Barclay, The Accident, Doubleday Canada

C.C. Benison, Twelve Drummers Drumming, Doubleday Canada

Rick Blechta, Orchestrated Murder, Orca Books, Rapid Reads

Michael Boughn, Business As Usual, NeWest Press

Gail Bowen, The Shadow Killer, Orca Books, Rapid Reads

Alan Bradley, A Red Herring Without Mustard, Doubleday Canada

Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, Doubleday Canada

John Brooke, Stifling Folds of Love, Signature Editions

Pamela Callow, Indefensible, MIRA Books

Brenda Chapman, The Second Wife, Orca Books, Rapid Reads

Thomas Rendell Curran, Death of a Lesser Man, Boulder Publications

Vicki Delany, Among the Departed, Poisoned Pen

William Deverell, I’ll See You in My Dreams, McClelland and Stewart

Ranj Dhaliwal, Daaku, New Star Books

Elizabeth J. Duncan, A Killer’s Christmas in Wales, St. Martin’s Press

Don Easton, Dead Ends, Dundurn

Jill Edmondson, The Lies Have It, Iguana

Jill Edmondson, Dead Light District, Iguana

Anne Emery, Death at Christy Burke’s, ECW Press

Joy Fielding, Now You See Her, Doubleday Canada

Barbara Fradkin, The Fall Guy, Orca Books, Rapid Reads

Gayleen Froese, Grayling Cross, NeWest Press

Joan Hall Hovey, Night Corridor, BWLPP Publishing

Joan Hall Hovey, The Abduction of Mary Rose, BWLPP Publishing

Ian Hamilton, The Disciple of Las Vegas, House of Anansi Press Inc.

Bill Haugland, The Bidding, Vehicule Press

Elizabeth Hay, Alone in the Classroom, McClelland and Stewart

Mary Jane Maffini, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder, Berkely

Maureen Jennings, Seasons of Darkness, McClelland and Stewart

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan, The Red Floor, Vehicule Press

Debra Purdy Kong, The Opposite of Dark, TouchWood Editions

Lee Lamothe, Picasso Blues, Dundurn

Real Laplaine, Intrusion, Asteroid Publishing

Stephen Legault, End of the Line, TouchWood Editions

Janice MacDonald, Hang Down Your Head, Turnstone Press

Scott Mackay, The Miser of Cherry Hill, Severn House

Hilary MacLeod, Mind Over Mussels, The Acorn Press

Alex Markman, Contra-ODESSA, Asteroid Publishing

Michael J. McCann, Blood Passage, The Plaid Raccoon Press

Christopher G. Moore, 9 Gold Bullets, Heaven Lake Press

Kim Moritsugu, And Everything Nice, Orca Books, Rapid Reads

John Moss, Reluctant Dead, Dundurn

Ross Pennie, Tampered, ECW Press

Louise Penny, A Trick of the Light, St. Martin’s Press

Brent Pilkey, Savage Rage, ECW Press

Alison Preston, The Girl in the Wall, Signature Editions

Andrew Pyper, The Guardians, Doubleday Canada

Jen Rehner, Missing Matisse, Inanna Publications

Peter Robinson, Before the Poison, McClelland and Stewart

Stan Rogal, Bloodline: a haunted crime story, Insomniac Press

Robert Rotenberg, The Guilty Plea, Simon&Schuster

Emma Ruby-Sachs, The Water Man’s Daughter, McClelland and Stewart

Garry Ryan, Malabarista, NeWest Press

Eileen Schuh, Schrodinger’s Cat, Wolfsinger Publications

Phyllis Smallman, Champagne For Buzzards, McArthur &co.

Robin Spano, Death Plays Poker, ECW Press

Chevy Stevens, Never Knowing, St. Martin’s Press

Kay Stewart, Sitting Lady Sutra, TouchWood Editions

Renko Styranka, Char Broiled, Xyster multimedia art

George Szanto and Sandy Frances Duncan, Never Hug a Mugger on Quandra Island, TouchWood Editions

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Children of the Fog, Imajin Books

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Divine Justice, Imajin Books

Scott Thornley, Erasing Memory, Random House Canada

Dan Vyleta, The Quiet Twin, HarperCollins Publishers


Entered for Best
First Crime Novel

Jackie Bateman, Nondescript Rambunctious, Anvil Press

Janet Bolin, Dire Threads, Berkely

Bruce Burrows, The River Killers, TouchWood Editions

R.D. Cain, Cherry Beach Express, ECW Press

Susan Calder, Deadly Fall, TouchWood Editions

John Clarke, Lion Hunter, Flanker Press

Gordon Cope, Secret Combinations, TouchWood Editions

Gordon W. Dale, Fool’s Republic, North Atlantic Books

Norm Foster, Watching Jeopardy, XLibris

Ian Hamilton, The Water Rat of Wanchai, House of Anansi Press Inc.

Jennifer Hillier, Creep, Simon&Schuster

Geoffrey J. Huck (Morty Guggenmoose), Speechless: A Life of the Mind University Mystery, Leaping Lion Books

John G. Lenard, Murder in Steel, John G. Lenard (Self Published)

D. Leonard Freeston, The Sixth Extinction, Dundurn

D.J. McIntosh, The Witch of Babylon, Penguin Canada

Brenda Missen, Tell Anna She’s Safe, Inanna Publications

Fraser Nixon, The Man Who Killed, Douglas & McIntrye

Eileen Schuh, The Traz, Kastle Harbour Publishing

Sean Slater, The Survivor, Simon&Schuster

Douglas James Specht, Nokomis, Muskoka Dockside Reader

Susan Statham, The Painter’s Craft, Bayeux Arts

Roger White, Tight Corner, BPS Books


Entered for Best
French Crime Book

Maxime Houde, L’Infortun des bien nantis, Éditions Alire

Guillaume Lapierre-Desnoyers, Pour Ne Pas Mourir ce Joir, Lévesque Éditeur

Martin Michaud, La chorale du diable, Les Editions Guélette

Norbert Spehner, Le Roman policer an Amérique français, Éditions Alire

Diane Vincent, Pwazon, Editors Triptyque


Entered for Best
Juvenile Crime Book

Don Aker, The Fifth Rule, HarperCollins Publishers

R.J. Anderson, Ultraviolet, Carolrhoda Lab

P.J. Bracegirdle, Sinister Scenes, Simon&Schuster

Ed Butts , Shipwrecks,  Monsters and Mysteries of the Great Lakes, Tundra Books

Becky Citra, Missing, Orca Book Publishers

P.J. Sarah Collins, What Happened to Serenity?, Red Deer Press

Deborah Ellis, True Blue, Pajama Press

Kim Firmston, Schizo, James Lorimer and Company Ltd Publishers

Deb Loughead, Just Run, James Lorimer and Company Ltd Publishers

Norah McClintock, She Said/She Saw, Orca Book Publishers

Rob Mills, Charlie’s Key, Orca Book Publishers

Evan Munday, The Dead Detective Agency, ECW Press

Shane Peacock, The Dragon Turn, Tundra Books

Edeet Ravel, Held, Annick Press

David Richards, The Source of Light, Thistledown Press

Ellen Schwartz, The Case of the Missing Deed, Tundra Books

Arthur Slade, Empire of Ruins, HarperCollins Publishers

Richard Stevenson, The Haunting of Amos Manor, Magpie Books/ Palimpsest Press

Barrie Summy, I So Don’t Do Famous, Delocort Books for Young Readers

Pam Withers, First Descent, Tundra Books

Tim Wynne-Jones, Blink & Caution, Candlewick Press


Entered for Best
Crime Nonfiction

Timothy Appleby, A New Kind of Monster, Random House Canada

Jay Bahadur, The Pirates of Somalia, HarperCollins Publishers

André Cédilot and André Nöel,  Mafia Inc.: The Long, Bloody Reign of Canada's Sicilian Clan, Random House

Robert Fowler, A Season in Hell, HarperCollins Publishers

Neal Hall, Hell to Pay: Hells Angels vs. The Million-Dollar Rat, John Wiley and Sons Canada Ltd.

Adrian Humphreys, The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob, John Wiley and Sons Canada Ltd.

Helèna Katz, Justice Miscarried, Dundurn

Joshua Knelman, Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art, Douglas & McIntrye

Steven Laffoley, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Pottersfield Press

Jerry Langton, Gangland: The Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels from El Paso to Vancouver, John Wiley and Sons Canada Ltd.

Shannon Moroney, Through the Glass, Doubleday Canada

D’Arcy O’Connor and Miranda O’Connor, Montreal’s Irish Mafia: The True Story of the Infamous West End Gang, John Wiley and Sons Canada


Entered for Best
Crime Short Story

Catherine Astolfo, What Kelly Did, North Word Magazine

Jean Rae Baxter, After Annabelle, Seraphim Editions

Jean Rae Baxter, What the Gardener Saw, Seraphim Editions

Jean Rae Baxter, Devotion, Seraphim Editions

Melodie Campbell, The Perfect Mark, Flash Fiction Magazine

Melodie Campbell, Vanity Lights, NorthWord

Hilary Davidson, Hedge Hog, Dell Magazines

Scott Mackay, The Girl with the Golden Hair, Ellery Queen

Scott Mackay, Plain Reckless, Alfred Hitchcock

Scott Mackay, The Girl with the Golden Hair, Dell Magazines

Paul Marowe, Alpha and Omega, Something Wicked Magazine

Michael J. McCann, Knock and Talk, Smashwords

Christopher G. Moore, The Testimony of Aliens, Citylife Magazine

Christopher G. Moore, Dophin,  Inc., Heaven Lake Press

Shane Nelson, Beer Money, Dell Magazines

Jas. R. Petrin, A New Pair of Pants, Dell Magazines

Sue Pike, Where the Snow Lay Dinted, Dell Magazines

James Powell, Last Laugh in Floogle Park, Dell Magazines

James Powell, Snowman Stew, Dell Magazines

Steve Shrott, Square One, Over My Dead Body

Steve Shrott, Slippery Slope, L+L Dreamspell

Steve Shrott, Finding the One, L+L Dreamspell

Jessica Simon, The Gold Nugget Garter, UpHere Magazine

Kevin Thorton, The Testimony of Constable Fraser, Pulpwork Press

Eric Wright, Au Bon Coin, Ellery Queen




The CWC would like to thank everyone in the Canadian publishing community

for making the Arthur Ellis Awards such a success through the years.

Entered for Best

Crime Novel