2013 Arthur Ellis Awards Winners



 Best First Novel Best NovelBest Novella Best Short Story 

Best NonfictionBest French 

Best JuvenileBest Unpublished — Derrick Murdoch Winner

And the winner is...

Best Crime First Novel

Simone St. James, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, NAL

Best Crime Novel

Giles Blunt, Until the Night, Random House Canada

Best Crime Novella

Lou Allin, Contingency Plan, Orca Books

Best Crime Short Story

Yasuko Thanh, "Switch-blade Knife" in Floating Like the Dead, McClelland & Stewart

Best Crime Nonfiction

Steve Lillebuen, The Devil's Cinema: The Untold Story behind Mark Twitchell's Kill Room, McClelland & Stewart

Best Crime French Book

Mario Bolduc, La Nuit des albinos: Sur les traces de Max O'Brien, Libre Expression

Best Crime Juvenile/YA Book

Shane Peacock, Becoming Holmes, Tundra Books

Best Unpublished Crime First Novel, aka The Unhanged Arthur

Coleen Steele, Sins Revisited

Derrick Murdoch Award

Lyn Hamilton

st-james-hauntingofmaddy Best Crime First Novel
  • Simone St. James
  • The Haunting of Maddy Clare
  • NAL
In 1920's England, Sarah Piper's lonely existence changes when her temporary agency sends her to assist a ghost hunter. In the aftermath of World War I, she is thrust into a mystery she never expected, and a romance she could never have foreseen.
blunt-untilthenight Best Crime Novel
  • Giles Blunt
  • Until the Night
  • Random House Canada
At first the dead body, sprawled in the parking lot of Motel 17, looks pretty run of the mill: the corpse has a big bootprint on his neck, and the likely suspect is his lover's outraged husband.
allin-contingencyplan Best Crime Novella
  • Lou Allin
  • Contingency Plan
  • Orca Rapid Reads
Widowed Sandra Sinclair and her young daughter begin a new life on Vancouver Island with a man who is too good to be true.
thanh floating like the dead

Best Crime Short Story

  • Yasuko Thanh
  • “Spring-blade Knife”
  • Floating Like the Dead, McClelland & Stewart

“Spring-Blade Knife, describes a gang member on the eve of his execution for murder.


Best Crime Nonfiction

  • Steve Lillebuen
  • The Devil’s Cinema: The Untold Story behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room
  • McClelland & Stewart

Reality and fantasy collide with shocking results in this riveting account of the notorious case of Mark Twitchell - and the police investigation into one of the most bizarre murders in recent memory.

la-nuit-albinos Best French Crime Book
  • Mario Bolduc
  • La Nuit des albinos: Sur les traces de Max O’Brien
  • Libre Expression
Never having recovered from his break with the lawyer Valeria Michieka, Max O'Brien still hopes to reconnect with her. But Valeria is brutally murdered with his daughter, Sophie.
becoming holmes

Best Juvenile or Young Adult Crime Book

  • Shane Peacock
  • Becoming Holmes
  • Tundra Books

Becoming Holmes is the final book in Shane Peacock's award-winning Boy Sherlock Holmes series, combining brilliant storytelling with fascinating historical detail, and a mystery worthy of one of the greatest sleuths in English literature.

arthur-200 Best Unpublished First Crime Novel - “Unhanged Arthur”
  • Coleen Steele
  • Sins Revisited
In Sins Revisited, Matt Dunn, a Toronto Emergency Task Force officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, wakes up in a small-town hospital in the year 1939. His nightmare intensifies when he stumbles across a crime scene where the victim remarkably resembles the little brother he lost years before under almost identical circumstances.

Derrick Murdoch Award

The Derrick Murdoch Award is awarded at the CWC president's discretion. This year, the award goes posthumously to Lyn Hamilton for her body of work plus her extensive contributions to both the CWC and the Canadian crime-writing community.

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