2014 Arthur Ellis Entries

Entered for Best Crime Novel

Entered for Best Crime First Novel

Entered for Best Novella 

Entered for Best Crime Short Story

Entered for Best French Crime Book

Entered for Best Juvenile Crime Book

Entered for Best Nonfiction Crime Book


Entered for Best
Crime Novel


    Victoria Abbott, The Christie Curse, Berkley Crime

    Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Golden Nose, Touchwood Editions

    Judith Alguire, Peril at the Pleasant, Signature Editions

    Catherine Astolfo, Sweet Karoline, Imajin Books

    Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam, McClelland & Stewart

    Linwood Barclay, A Tap on the Window, Doubleday Canada

    CC Benison, Ten Lords A’ Leaping, Doubleday Canada

    Anthony Bidulka, When the Saints go Marching In, Insomniac Press

    Peggy Blair, The Poisoned Pawn, Penguin Canada Books

    Janet Bolin, Thread and Buried, Berkley Crime

    Gail Bowen, The Gifted, McClelland & Stewart

    Alan Bradley, Speaking From Among the Bones, Doubleday Canada

    Mel Bradshaw, Fire on the Runway, Dundurn

    John Brooke, Walls of a Mind, Signature Editions

    Liz Bugg, Yellow Vengeance, Insomniac Press

    Gina Buonaguro, The Wolves of St. Peter’s, HarperCollins

    Glen Carter, Last Witness, Breakwater Books

    Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries, McClelland & Stewart

    Erika Chase, Cover Story, Berkley Crime

    Bill Crowell, Iceberg Alley, Amazon

    Craig Davidson, Cataract City, Doubleday Canada

    Hilary Davidson, Evil in All It’s Disguises, Tor/Forge

    Vicki Delany, A Cold White Sun, Poisoned Pen Press

    Marcelle Dube, The Weeping Woman, Falcon Ridge Publishing

    Elizabeth J. Duncan, Never Laugh As a Hearse Goes By, Minotaur

    Jill Edmondson, Frisky Business, Amazon

    Anne Emery, Blood on a Saint, ECW Press

    Barbara Fradkin, Whisper of Legends, Dundurn

    Don Gutteridge, Bloody Relations, Simon & Schuster

    Sean Haldane, The Devil’s Making, Stone Flower Press

    Ian Hamilton, The Scottish Banker of Surabaya, House of Anansi Press

    Keith Hollihan, Flagged Victor, HarperCollins

    G.B. Joyce, The Black Ace, Penguin Canada Books

    Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan, The Courier Wore Shorts, Véhicule Press

    Peter Kirby, Vigilante Season, Linda Leith Publishing

    Debra Purdy Kong, Beneath the Bleak Moon, TouchWood Editions

    Lee Lamothe, Presto Variations, Dundurn

    Réal Laplaine, Quantum Assault, Asteroid Publishing

    Stephen Legault, The Third Riel Conspiracy, TouchWood Editions

    Kathy-Diane Leveille, Standing in the Whales Jaw, Tightrope Books

    Janice MacDonald, Condemned to Repeat, Ravenstone Books

    Michael McCann, The Rainy Day Killer, The Plaid Raccoon Press

    Rosemary McCracken, Black Water, Imajin Books

    Peter McGarvey, Hair Trigger, Cliff House Publishing

    Rick Mofina, Into the Dark, Harlequin MIRA

    Lisa Moore, Caught, House of Anansi Press

    John Moss, The Dead Scholar, Anne McDermid & Associates

    Claire Mulligan, The Dark, Doubleday Canada

    Ross Pennie, Up in Smoke, ECW Press

    Louise Penny, How the Light Gets In, Minotaur

    Andrew Pyper, The Demonologist, Simon & Schuster

    Linda Richards, Death was in the Blood, Five Star/Cengage

    Peter Robinson, Children of the Revolution, McClelland & Stewart

    David Rotenberg, A Murder of Crows, Simon & Schuster

    Robert Rotenberg, Stranglehold, Simon & Schuster

    Garry Ryan, Foxed, NeWest Press

    Robert J. Sawyer, Red Planet Blues, Viking Canada

    Eileen Schuh, Firewalls, Kastle Harbour

    Howard Shrier, Miss Montreal, Vintage Canada

    Sean Slater, The Guilty, Simon & Schuster

    Phyllis Smallman, Long Gone Man, TouchWood Editions

    Brad Smith, Shoot the Dog, Simon & Schuster

    Robin Spano, Death’s Last Run, ECW Press

    Simone St. James, An Inquiry Into Love and Death, Penguin USA

    Chevy Stevens, Always Watching, St. Martin’s Press

    Kay Stewart, Unholy Rites, TouchWood Editions

    Carston Stroud, The Homecoming, Knopf

    George Szanto & Sandy Frances Duncan, Always Love a Villain on San Juan Island, TouchWood Editions

    Robin Timmerman, Season of Deceit, Trafford Publishing

    David Whellams, The Drowned Man, ECW Press

    Mallory Neeve Wilkins, Hot-Walker, Life on the Fast Track, First Choice Books


    Entered for Best
      Crime First Novel

    Lynn C. Albrecht, Dying for Sex, Sun Dragon Press

    E.R. Brown, Almost Criminal, Dundurn

    A.E. Cochrane, Killer Hand, self-published

    Jen J. Danna & Ann Vanderlaan, Dead, Without a Stone to Tell It, Five Star

    Kim Foster, The Beautiful Heist, Kensington Books

    David Gosselin, The Boathouse Murders, self-published

    A.S.A. Harrison, The Silent Wife, Penguin Canada

    Axel Howerton, Hot Sinatra, Evolved Publishing

    John Kenny, The Spark, Incendiary Publications

    Angus Ramsey, The Last One, self-published

    Greg Swiatek, The Weed Killer, self-published

    Michael Walton, APOK, Friesen Press

    Glynis Whiting, A Nose for Death, Thistledown Press

    S.G. Wong, Die on Your Feet, Carina Press


    Entered for Best
    Crime Novella

    Gail Bowen, The Thirteenth Rose, Orca Book Publishers

    M.H. Callway, Amdur’s Cat, Carrick Publishing

    Melodie Campbell, The Goddaughter’s Revenge, Orca Book Publishers

    Brenda Chapman, My Sister’s Keeper, Grassroots Press

    Brenda Chapman, The Hard Fall, Grassroots Press

    James Heneghan, A Woman Scorned, Orca Book Publishers

    William Kowalski, Just Gone, Orca Book Publishers

    Richard Wagamese, Him Standing, Orca Book Publishers


    Entered for Best
    Crime Short Story

    Catherine Astolfo, The Three R’s, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Rosemary Aubert, The Canadian Caper, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Witness Protection, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Rob Brunet, Lucky for Me, Thuglit,

    Jane Burfield, Triskedekaphobia, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Linda Cahill, The Three Graces, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Linda Cahill, The Warning, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Melodie Campbell, July is Hell, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Melodie Campbell, Not My Body, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Donna Carrick, Watermelon Weekend, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Cindy Carroll, Hit and Miss, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Cindy Carroll, Easy Target, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Hilary Davidson, Darkness in the City of Light, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Vicki Delany, Sore Feet and Gold Dust, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Denise Dietz, Annie and the Grateful Dead, The Sound and the Furry

    Marcelle Dube, The Man in the Mask, Masked Mosaic, Tyche Books

    Catherine Dunphy, Judgmental, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Howard Engel, Attar of Roses, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    C.B. Forrest, Hangover at Sunrise, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Graham Freeman, Standard’s Watch, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Graham Freeman, The Crime of the Century, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Axel Howerton, 999 Problems, Clones,  Fairies & Monsters in the Closet, Exter Press

    David Ingram, The Covering Storm, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Rosemary McCracken, The Sweetheart Scamster, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Rosemary McCracken, The Pre-Paid Funeral, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Lynne Murphy, Saving Bessie’s Worms, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Helen Nelson, Life Sentence, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Joan O'Callaghan, Sugar ‘n’ Spice, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Jas. R. Petrin, The Greedster, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Jas. R. Petrin, Under Cap Ste. Clare, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Twist Phelan, Footprints in Water, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Sue Pike, This is the Last Time, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Charles Pinch, Tyrannies, Wordsmiths Online

    James Powell, Tightrope Act, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Dell Magazines

    Steve Shrott, Clean, Fish Nets, Wildside Press

    Steve Shrott, Focus, Nefarious North, Karen Dryden Publishing

    Cynthia St-Pierre, Hide and Seek for Grown Ups, Over My Dead Body

    Sylvia Warsh, The Emerald Skull, Thirteen, Carrick Publishing

    Sam Wiebe, The Third Echo, Girl Trouble: Malfeasance Occasional, MacMillan/St. Martin’s Press


    Entered for Best
    French Crime Book

    Chrystine Brouillet, Saccages, La courte échelle

    Jacques Côté, Et à l’heure de votre mort, éditions Alire

    Louis-Philippe Hérbert, La Cadillac du docteur Watson, Lévesque éditeur

    Bruno Jobin, Les Monstres du paradis, Éditions Vents d’Ouest

    Michel Jobin, Projet Sao Tomé, éditions Alire

    François Lévesque, Une maison de fumée, éditions Alire

    Maureen Martineau, L’enfant promis, La courte échelle

    Lionel Noel, Brouillard d’automne, éditions Alire

    Jacques Savoie, Le Fils emprunté, Éditions Libre Expression


    Entered for Best
    Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book

    Karen Autio, Sabotage, Sono Nis Press

    Paul Blackwell, Undercurrent, Doubleday Canada

    Maggy Downey, Declan the Kid Detective, self-published

    R.S. Fleming, Kate Tattersall Adventures in China, Cormorant

    Gail Gallant, Apparition, Doubleday Canada

    Sarah N. Harvey, Deadly, Orca Book Publishers

    Roy MacGregor, Face-off at the Alamo, Tundra Books

    Roy MacGregor, Panic in Pittsburgh, Tundra Books

    Elizabeth MacLeod, Bones Never Lie, Annick Press

    Amy McCulloch, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, Doubleday Canada

    Margaret J. McMaster, So Much Potential, Mansbridge Dunn

    Evan Munday, Dial M for Morna, ECW Press

    Liam O'Donnell, Ganked: Geeked Out Mysteries #1, Feeding Change Media

    Sean Rodman, Night Terrors, Orca Book Publishers

    Ted Staunton, Who I’m Not, Orca Book Publishers

    Michael F. Stewart, Assured Destruction, Non Sequitur Press

    Teresa Toten, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, Doubleday Canada

    Elizabeth Wennick, Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Orca Book Publishers

    John Wilson, Stolen, Orca Book Publishers

    Caroline Woodward, Showdown at Border Town, Fireside Publishing

    Jo Ann Yhard, Buried Secrets at Louisbourg, Nimbus Publishing 

    Entered for Best
      Nonfiction Crime Book

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    Entered for Best

    Crime Novel