bottomley-jimJim Bottomley

Jim is a writer, entrepreneur, consultant and professional speaker who has spoken to over one quarter million Canadians about future success strategies. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario's Ivey School of Business, worked in new product development for Quaker Oats and is one of the founders of YLM, a software product now used around the world.

Jim is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers and was lucky to have Paul Quarrington as his mentor. Jim's completed novel, Hypnotizing Lions, is a mystery-thriller in which an amnesiac charged with murder unwittingly inspires a mental hospital breakout. The themes in the book are reflective of Jim's belief that the human race is evolving morally.

Jim lives in Jasper Alberta, Canada's grandest National Park. He writes songs and performs with his band, Well Spaced Trees.