Stone, Feather

stone-featherFeather Stone
Following her career as a paramedic, Feather Stone's writing became her passion. Having witnessed medical emergencies that most people would rather not think about, she has the fodder to create gut wrenching scenes and plots. Her first novel, The Guardian's Wildchild, emerged not only from Feather's treasure chest of vile characters and their crimes, but also from personal experiences with the paranormal.
Since childhood, a deep connection with another plane of existence shaped her concept of reality. Though she avoided dabbling in occult exercises, nevertheless, she has been guided by beings of Light. Her focus has been meditation, Reiki, and a study of shamanism. Moments of incredible transformational awareness also led to the creation of The Guardian's Wildchild. Many elements shaped this novel's story, combining highly evolved human beings with those who have no conscience; in battles where the good don't always win; where one's powers can corrupt your soul, a consequence worse than death.
Feather believed that following the publication of The Guardian's Wildchild she would be free to explore her many other passions. However, within a month after the launch of her first novel, her writer muse refused to release her. Visions of battle scenes and amazing characters became fashioned into a foreign setting - the Middle East. After much research and guidance from a Muslim physician and police beta readers, Forbidden is now ready for launch.

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