Toole, David

toole-davidDavid Toole

David Toole was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario where he attended PCVS. He boasts that he was the first student expelled for wearing bellbottoms. (Grey pin-stripe and totally awesome.) He attended Glendon College, York University and was almost expelled for lack of attendance. (The professor who chastised him for his spotty attendance at his Can Lit seminars was a relatively unknown poet named Michael Ondaatje. It is generally acknowledged that Mr. Ondaatje has since become rather well known.)

David’s first novel, Moonlit Days and Nights won the Canadian Crime Writers Arthur Ellis award for Best First Novel and was featured on Ian Brown’s CBC Radio show “Talking Books” Oct / 2000. It is set in 1894 Toronto and the story revolves around an eighteen-year-old hayseed named Willoughby Tweed who leaves his farm in rural Ontario for the bright lights of Toronto intent on infiltrating high society. His adventure involves several burglaries, an attempted murder, a kidnapping, and a great deal of drinking and shopping. It is now available as an eBook.

His second mystery novel, Saving Findlay Finch is a comic mystery set in the historic town of Sanctuary on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The story revolves around the members of an eccentric family who, while getting involved in the hosting of local funerals, find murder in their midst and set out to solve it. The first few chapters are available for free download on Toole's website and will be released September 2012

Please visit his website for free sample downloads and some highly embarrassing bio photos.