Crook, Marion

crook-marionMarion Crook

Marion Crook wrote short stories for Canadian Broadcasting Company and a short story for Crime Writers of Canada while working as a public health nurse in the Cariboo country of British Columbia.  She became engrossed with ranch life, three children and writing, and retired from nursing to write full time. This concentrated effort on writing resulted in a series of four young adult mysteries and three children's mystery-adventure novels published by Grolier Lid./Stoddart/General Publishing. As well, James Lorimer Ltd. published her two sports stories for the young adult market.  Alternately with fiction, she wrote non-fiction and researched with teens and wrote books on suicide prevention, eating disorders and adoption which were published by New NC Press, Self-Counsel Press, and Arsenal Pulp Press.  After more than twenty published books, she put together what she learned about writing and produced "Writing for Children and Young Adults for Self-Counsel Press.

After this, she received her PhD in education, she taught at university for eleven years, writing one teen novel during this time. She retired from teaching, returned to writing and enthusiastically moved to the adult readership, completing an adult mystery Dr. MacNab's View of Murder and the first draft of the second mystery Dr. MacNab Fishing for Death.




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