Harvey, Amber

Amber Harvey


Amber Harvey has always been a scribbler.  At age 10, she started writing a novel.  

Amber has written and published three mystery/adventure novels for children 8 to 12, set on Mayne Island, BC.  Her third novel, Mayne Island Skeletons, was published by Smashwords and is available as an e-book.

She is currently working on a crime novel for adults set in Montreal during Expo 67.



Mayne Island Skeletons, 2011

Magda and Brent find out the secret of children who disappeared long ago, explore a haunted house, and uncover several  murders.


Mayne Island Aliens, 2009

Magda and Brent discover the source of the strange green light and prevent the theft of buried treasure.


Magda’s Mayne Island Mystery, 2007

Magda and Brent explore a secret tunnel and save an old man from smugglers who are forcing him to commit crimes.


Website: http://amber.maynehouse.com/


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