Deborah Levison Deborah Levison

Deborah Levison is an author and publicist. Her life has two parts: the first in Canada, where she attended University of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music, and the second in Connecticut, where she lives with three children, two doodles, and one husband.

Her first book, a multi award-winning nonfiction called THE CRATE, is a true crime story with echoes of the Holocaust. THE CRATE recounts the discovery of a grisly murder that involved Levison’s family. In the narrative, evil in the past meets evil in the present. Reviewers called it “gorgeous and poetic,” “heart-wrenching,” and “a brilliant story.” The Jerusalem Post wrote: “exquisite.”

Levison’s debut novel, A NEST OF SNAKES, releases October 11, 2022. Based on real-life events, the story is about a broken man who comes forward to accuse his elite New England private school of abuse. In an early review, international bestselling author KJ Howe said, “Evocative, timely, and unforgettable. A NEST OF SNAKES is the King Cobra of suspense, striking when the reader least expects it. Levison is a rising star in the thriller world.”

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