Neil Turner. Neil Turner

Neil Turner is the author of the gripping and highly-acclaimed Tony Valenti crime and legal thriller novels. A sixth installment will publish in the fall of 2022.  He first lost himself in the pages of books as a five-year-old when Beatrix Potter and Thornton W. Burgess immersed him in the worlds of Jerry Muskrat, Peter Rabbit, and their furry friends. He’s been reading and writing one thing or another ever since until one day the audacious idea of writing a book wormed its way into his head. Now here we are with a series of novels published, two standalone suspense stories at various stages of completion, and two-thirds of a thriller trilogy completed and agitating to be let loose in the world. Neil has discovered that writing books is fun (and a lot of hard work) and hopes you enjoy reading his novels as much as he enjoys producing them.

A native Canadian, Neil spent three years in Europe and lived in Chicago and Arizona during a lengthy stint in banking and finance. His early career plans to play professional ice hockey and indulge his love of music by playing guitar (badly) fell by the wayside along the way, but he still dabbles. You’ll find references to music and places he’s lived sprinkled through his work.

Neil lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.