Isabelle Zimmermann Isabelle Zimmermann

Isabelle Zimmermann is a semi retired business owner. Her time is spent training for triathlons, reading, travelling, cooking, volunteering, and now, writing the next big blockbuster. Isabelle has been a voracious reader since grade school and has always been drawn to the mystery/thriller genre starting with the Nancy Drew Detective series. As a child she thought she would end up being a criminal lawyer. Life got in the way, and she started her own bookkeeping business. The idea of writing a novel first entered her periphery in college where she started multiple books but was unable to commit enough time to the endeavor. She is currently working on her first book, a thriller set on an ostrich farm in the South African Karoo.

Isabelle was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where she currently lives with her husband. She is the mother of three grown and launched children of whom she is very proud. She has one beautiful granddaughter and hopefully more to come along in the next few years.