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Michael Blair

Michael started writing in high school. His first story, a murder mystery called What I Did On My Summer Vacation, was accepted for publication in the high school year book, but the editor lost the manuscript. He set his sights on becoming a commercial artist. After seeing how badly commercial artists were treated in the advertising department of a major retail store chain, he lost his mind and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. While waiting at home on leave without pay before reporting for basic training, he ran out of stuff to read and started writing a science fiction story. Following his discharge from the RCAF two weeks (sic) later, he started work on his vast collection of rejection slips.

“I started writing science fiction,” he says, “because that’s mainly what I’d grown up reading. Anderson, Clarke, Heinlein, Norton. It was my father’s fault. He’d read Verne to me as a child.

In the late sixties, however, I discovered mystery. MacDonald and MacDonald. Then Chandler, Hammett, Spillane, McBain. And that, as they say, was that.”

To support his writing habit, he’s worked as a truck driver, quality control clerk in a gasket factory, merchandising and advertising consultant, deli-counter person, graphic and display designer, carpenter, second hand bookstore proprietor, copy writer, art reviewer, computer administrator, and, since 1994 as a freelance technical writer/editor. He lives in Montreal.

He’s written five novels, two of which were learning experiences and will never see the light of day, at least while he’s alive.

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