Race Without Rules

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N.A.T. Grant

Race Without Rules: Book I of the Race Series

An anti-Semitic plot is looming in Montreal’s affluent Westmount district.Artist, Megan Brodie returns from Scotland and settles in Montreal’s affluent Westmount district. A bizarre robbery at her friend's home leads Megan to suspect Karl Treiger, her mysterious neighbour. Little does she know that Treiger’s deceitful past traces back to the Nazi era. Worried about danger to her friend, Megan becomes determined to unearth Treiger’s secret and unwittingly stumbles on a sinister international plot set to explode across the Western World.

Sub-genre: International Conspiracy thriller



Trade paperback
Llumina Press
ISBN: 1-932560-52-1                           
May 2006
$16.95 (US$13.95)


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