Death's Golden Whisper

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R.J. Harlick

Death's Golden Whisper

The gleam of gold incites murder

On a perfect Indian Summer day, float planes suddenly appear out of the sky and land on an isolated Canadian lake. Within hours, Meg Harris discovers that these men have come to develop a gold mine. Terrified that her West Quebec paradise will be destroyed, Meg combines forces with Eric Odjik, chief of the neighbouring Migiskan Reserve, to fight the mining company. The mine splits the band into two opposing forces and ignites events that threaten Meg and lead to the mysterious disappearance of her friend Marie.

As Meg frantically searches for Marie, another story unfolds and she uncovers the secret that bound her great-aunt to this lonely land until the day she died.

“Death's Golden Whisper blends greed, native spirituality and a critique of how modern culture continues to encroach on paradise within a gripping murder mystery.”
David Cox, Montreal Review of Books

"The setting is Harlick's strong suit..this is a promising start for a series"
Margaret Cannon
, Globe & Mail

RendezVous Press, 2004
ISBN 1-894917-11-1


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