Running the Race

N.A.T. Grant

Running the Race: Book II of the Race Series

The race begins when Megan Brodie takes up where she left off in Race Without Rules. As Gau assassins position their weapon across the North America, Europe and the Middle East, precious few know of the horrific fate that will be exacted upon millions of people. Megan reconnects with the mysterious Karl Treiger who is relentless in his vendetta against the Gau terrorists. Treiger refuses her help, but in fear of what will unfold if the Gau succeed, Megan is once more sucked onto a deadly conspiracy whose victory seems inevitable. Megan begins running a race for her life.

Sub-genre: International Conspiracy thriller


Trade paperback
Llumina Press
ISBN: 15952661303
May 2006
$15.95 CAN


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