The Facepainter Murders

  • Cambridge Books a division of Write Words Inc
  • ISBN-10: 161386003X
  • August 2011
  • Trade paperback 18.95
  • eBook 6.50
Anne McPhail is back in Culver’s Mills, Vermont for a quiet holiday. But Culver’s Mills is an unlucky spot for her vacation. She finds the dead body of a naked man, and is soon helping her friend Adam Davidson to investigate the murder. Who is the dead man and what was his involvement with the theft of a painting and a sampler from the art gallery? Who owns the art? James Trevelyan, an elderly man whose genealogy may hold the key, or the owners of Evan’s, the restaurant where they were found? More bodies turn up as the murderer kills the others in his criminal gang. Then he turns his attention to Anne.


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