Lethal Practice

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  • Author: Peter Clement
  • Title: Lethal Practice
  • Publisher (or Publication if a short story): e-book--Belgrave House
  • ISBN
  • Publication Date: e-book-- June 2010
  • Format: e-book--PDF; MSReader; Mobipocket; ePub; Palm; HTML; Word; RTF; Rocket; HiebookPDF - MSReader - Mobipocket - ePub - Palm - HTML - Word - RTF - Rocket - Hiebook
  • Price: e-book--$5.00 US

When ER doctor Earl Garnet discovers the hospital's Chief Administrator murdered with a cardiac needle, he immediately becomes one of the suspects. Not every doctor is skilled with a cardiac needle, and Garnet is. Attempting to clear his name by identifying the real killer, Garnet also becomes the next target. And his investigation embroils him in a sinister conspiracy that threatens his whole medical world. Medical Thriller by Peter Clement; originally published by Fawcett.


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