The K Hand Shape: A Christine Morris Mystery

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Maureen Jennings

The K Hand Shape: A Christine Morris Mystery

Christine Morris is awakened early on a chill November morning by a phone call from one of her colleagues, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Leo Forgach. His daughter, Deirdre, is missing. Despite the fact that she and the doctor have never seen eye to eye, Christine agrees to help in the search for Deirdre…only to discover her brutally strangled body in the lake.

Heartbroken, Leo tells Christine that his daughter was deaf and had recently given birth to a child she had deliberately ensured would be deaf. As a militant supporter of the Deaf Culture, Deirdre wanted a deaf child to make a political statement. Although some people supported her stand, many did not – including Deirdre‘s own father. Christine must use her new kills as a forensic profiler to discover the killer.

Trade paperback
Dundurn Press (A Castle Street Mystery)

ISBN: 978-1-55002-763-1
January 2008


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