N.A.T. (Nancy) Grant

NAT Grant puts her science background, past experience in Nursing and Health Care (including managing Montreal’s Burn Unit), and a sense of paranoia to good use in her chilling Race Series based on spies, genetic engineering and terrorism. With riveting action, gritty characters, and hard-hitting plots, Grant hooks the reader with striking page-turning reads.      


NAT Grant’s spy thriller RACE SERIES involves a multi-layered scheme of espionage to be played out over 4 volumes:



Montreal is one of NAT’s favourite cities and so she based her series there as a jumping off point for their international flavour. Native to Quebec, but proud of her Scottish heritage, NAT travels the globe with her husband and uses it to kick off the research for her novels. Central to her life are two cosseted cats, Della and Url.


NAT is a Director for Crime Writers. She also spent five years as CWC's Vp for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.

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 Race Without Rules 

Man of mystery Karl Treiger has a past tracing back to the Nazi era. Based in Westmount, Quebec, Treiger encounters an inquisitive Scottish artist, Megan Brodie, who becomes determined to unearth Treiger’s secret. He leads her unwittingly into a sinister international plot set to explode across the Western World.

The Westmount Examiner described Race Without Rules as “…a spy thriller of intrigue with a plan for terrorism that is all too plausible… leaves the reader shaken long after the book is put down.”

The Canadian Writers’ Society raved: “high drama, moving at a wild, rakish pace.”



Running the Race cover


Running the Race

 Having unearthed what doom the “Race Without Rules” entails, Treiger finds an unexpected ally in Megan Brodie as they race to stop Gau terrorists from executing a disastrous plot of worldwide genocide.

Stuart Nulman, reviewer for CJAD Radio’s Book Banter in Montrealsaid, “A combination of James Bond and Michael Critchten…the reader comes out a winner.” (April 2005)

Aniko Koranyi-Bergman, president of the Canadian Writers’ Society, wrote: “The collision of cultures, the clash of agendas, the tangled web of conflicting viewpoints—all, are skillfully sifted…through the moral and ethical choices of the lead characters. Dynamic. Suspenseful. I love it as much as I did the first book.” (September 2005)

An Inhuman Race
Karl Treiger finds that the Gau terrorists have left clues of a cataclysmic legacy. The evidence points a finger at Megan Brodie father. Treiger and Megan plunge into labyrinthine chase uncovering a shocking global conspiracy in which no one will be left unscathed.

Book I ~ Race Without Rules, 2005
Book II ~ Running the Race, 2006

Book III ~ An Inhuman Race, TBA
…and to follow:
Book IV ~ e-Race