Hoshowsky, Robert J.

Robert J. Hoshowsky


Truly the first book of its kind, Robert J. Hoshowsky’s account of the lives and crimes of the last two men hanged in Canada attracted a great deal of controversy when it was released in 2007. The Last to Die: Ronald Turpin, Arthur Lucas, and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada offers a unique, multi-faced, and exhaustively researched perspective on the lives and deaths of the last men hanged in 1962, almost 15 years before capital punishment was officially abolished in Canada.

Nominated for a 2008 Arthur Ellis Award (Best Non-Fiction), The Last to Die is, remarkably, the first book to uncover the lives and deaths of Turpin, a Canadian criminal, and Lucas, a Detroit gangster. The result of more than five years of research, The Last to Die is based on original interviews, hidden documents, trial transcripts, unpublished police photos, and newspaper accounts.

Featured on CourtTV Canada, CP24 and Bravo, The Last to Die has been prominently reviewed across Canada and in the United Kingdom. Calling it "a first-rate social history,” (Maclean’s magazine), The Last to Die has been described as "an essential bit of Canadiana (The Record, Kitchener), and “a stirring exploration into the insights about the last execution in Canada” (The Hamilton Spectator). The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC), which has helped to exonerate wrongly convicted Canadians like Steven Truscott, Guy Paul Morin, and Robert Baltovich, recently devoted two entire pages to The Last to Die, calling it “a major contribution to Canadian true crime literature which belongs in the curriculum of high schools, universities, and law schools” (Harold Levy, criminal lawyer and Toronto Star reporter).

The Last to Die is the first book by Toronto journalist Robert J. Hoshowsky, who has been writing professionally for 20 years. Investigative journalism is his specialty, and some of the subjects he’s tackled over the years include pit bull fighting in the former Yugoslavia, cult recruitment in Canada, and controversial live-extension technology.

A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University), Robert has traveled extensively throughout Europe, and dispatched articles from the former Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries. His extensive body of work covers newspapers, magazines, electronic media and television, with his work appearing in over 100 magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Maclean’s, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Equinox, Homemaker’s, Menz, Shift, Film Score Monthly, Silver Kris, the Gazette (Montreal), La Presse, and Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada.

Over the years, Robert has interviewed many well-known personalities, including directors Roman Polanski and Roland Joff,, actress Julie Andrews, actor Michael Caine, composers John Barry, Quincy Jones, R. Murray Schafer, and Canada’s own Nash the Slash. His television credits include the Canadian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and TimeChase for the History Channel, and his educational new media works includes creating over a dozen book-length CD-ROMs for adults and children.

A highly-skilled writer, researcher and interviewer who uses his abilities to uncover long-hidden documents, Robert is working on several other books, including what will undoubtedly become the most controversial, debated and disputed true crime book in Canadian history.


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