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Just one of those things...

It's a nuisance but, we need members to fill in the membership form every year. The online form should auto-fill if you've used it before, and if you're using the mail-in form, you don't need to writie out everything if your address hasn't changed. However, we do need to confirm these things annually:

  • current email address
  • what contact information (if any) you want listed on the Members Contact List (only accessible to members)

Note: Using the online form, you can pay with credit card or PayPal or elect to mail a cheque but get your form to us immediately.


Click here to Renew as PAM

 Cost of Professional Author Membership: $130 per calendar year
($260 for 2 years)

Click here to Renew as Associate

Cost of Associate Membership: $88 per calendar year
($176 for 2 years)


Mail in Form (PAM and Associate Members)

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