Rene NatanRene Natan (Irene Gargantini)

 Rene Natan is a pen name for Irene Gargantini, a professor of computer science who, close to her retirement, decided to revert to the passion of her youth: story-telling. She took six e-courses on fiction writing from Mariska Stamenkovic and then jumped into writing with the enthusiasm of a novice, often re-creating situations or events she experienced in her life. Together with about a hundred scientific or technical papers and three awards in science (25 years of excellence in research, NSERC, Recognition to Contributing to Canadian Research, and Pioneer of Computing in Canada, IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, Toronto), she has six novels and four short stories to her credit. Her genres vary from romantic suspense to thrillers with romantic interludes.


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  • The Collage, a 2004 bestseller of Creative Guy Publishing, is a story of a young heiress caught in a web of lies and violence. Creative Guy Publishing, July 2004.

  • Operation Woman in Black, a novel of dedicated to all parents of disabled children, portrays the struggles of a man who has to split every minute of his day between police work and parenting a handicapped teenage daughter., 2005.

  • Cross of Sapphires describes the inner turmoil of a man of the law who is in love with a fugitive accused of a horrendous crime. Juppiter99, 2002.

  • Mountains of Dawn brings to life the distress of an orphan with no roots and no place to go. Juppiter99, 1999.

  • The Jungfrau Watch (a political thriller) features a protagonist with the tormented soul of a man whose political belief has been destroyed, and whose motherland, Russia, has been precipitated into chaos while his life floats in an absolute vacuum., 2006.

  • The Red Manor is about family bonds that stretch over two continents and where love overcomes both greed and cleverly engineered criminal plots., 2008.

Short Stories:

  • In Killing on Mount Yula a hearing-impaired teenager struggles as he tries to escape his pursuers on skis. Free download at

  • In A Pair of Wings for Christmas (a celebration of the centennial of the first powered flight) science is embedded in a framework of fantasy. Free download at

  • In The Black Notebook, ghost detective Denys Bellami solves a complicated case with the help of a thirteen-year-old girl.

  • In the true story, He Was One of Eight, eight young orphans leave their native Holland to settle in Canada. Free download at