violini-jrJuanita Rose Violini

Juanita is an author, an artist and the mastermind behind the Mystery She has written, produced and directed over 50 murder mystery scripts, performed for groups of 20 to 200 people. Juanita also created a series of mysteries for children's parties under the banner of the Gumshoe Detective Agency. Various book projects and custom written mystery parties for individual groups and organizations keep the wheels turning inside the mind of this evil genius.

The rigor of needing to quickly come up with a 'fair play' cluetrail - where all the clues are presented enabling the participants or reader to solve the mystery - lead Juanita to an in-depth study of the works of Agatha Christie and other 'fairplay' authors. She shares her knowledge on clue trail development with "Mystery Bones" workshops.

In 2009 her first book Almanac of the Infamous was published by Weiser Books. It contains 365 real- life mysteries, unsolved or unexplained, on the day they happened. This book will confirm how mysterious the world really is.

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Selected Bibliography:

Over 50 Murder Mystery Scenarios, including:

  • A Mountie History Mystery. The Centennial Museum Society Of Canmore, February 1992
  • The Phantom of the Elks. Prescott College Elks Theatre, Prescott, Arizona, April 1993
  • Isadora's Gold, a  Mystery Treasure Hunt. Microsoft Systems, April 1999
  • Virality Bites. Electronic Arts, May 1999
  • Drop Dead Disco. Best Western Rainbow Country Inn, October 2001
  • Gin Joint. Multiple venues, from October 2001
  • Dying For Chocolate. Multiple venues, from February 2002

Gumshoe Detective Agency kid parties:

  • Hobo Hullabaloo at Henrietta Junction, at
  • Fossil Furor at the Mudstone Museum,  at
  • Castaway Critters on Cougar Island,  at 

Short stories:

  • “The Rapture Cafe,”, in Mountain Heritage Magazine, Spring 2000 - with Tony Berryman