Delvin Chatterson and Bad Boys in Boston

June 21, 2024
Delvin Chatterson and Bad Boys in Boston

Delvin Chatterson is the internationally acclaimed author of the Dale Hunter Thriller Series, an explosive mix of crime and corruption in the computer business of the 1980s. Dale Hunter and his buddy, Frank the Fixer, were introduced in 2018 with NO EASY MONEY, followed by SIMPLY THE BEST, and MERGER MANIAC and most recently BAD BOYS IN BOSTON

As a former entrepreneur, business advisor, and cheerleader for enlightened entrepreneurship, Del has written extensively on business topics for decades and continues to write on entrepreneurship under the pen name of Your Uncle Ralph. Originally from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Del has lived and worked for most of the last fifty years in the fascinating French-Canadian city of Montreal.

Del is the International Regional Rep of the CWC.

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