Joanna Vander Vlugt - Author, Illustrator & Podcaster

March 19, 2024
Joanna Vander Vlugt - Author, Illustrator & Podcaster

Joanna Vander Vlugt is an author and illustrator. As a teenager, she drew charcoal portraits and wrote mysteries. Now, she uses Copic markers to illustrate motorcycles and scooters. The Unravelling, her debut novel, and Dealer’s Child were Canadian Book Club Awards finalists. The third novel in the Jade & Sage Thyme series, Spy Girls, will be released in March 2024. Joanna draws upon her 13 years’ experience working in the prosecutor’s office and 10 years working in the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner for inspiration for her novels. Joanna is proud of her podcast SAM Magazine and the many authors she has interviewed.

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