Julie Hiner, Tales of Dark Crime and Horror

April 15, 2024
Julie Hiner, Tales of Dark Crime and Horror

Julie Hiner is an author of heavy metal horror. She spent endless hours during her childhood lost in the pages of books and listening to the metal gods.

Julie lives in Calgary, nestled near the Rocky Mountains. A hardcore 80s rocker at heart, Julie’s writing is infused with music of all eras. Her dark crime novels are a fusion of 80s metal, 70s acid rock and dark story telling. Obsessed with the dark mind of the serial killer, Julie’s characters are based on bits and pieces of some of the most terrifying monsters to roam the earth. She was nominated for CWC award for Best Novella for her story Dead End track which took place in the 70’s.

Her new book, Trash Track takes place in 1999 and although this is still A detective Mahoney series, the protagonist is now Stella Mahoney.

She is Alberta’s regional rep for Crime Writers of Canada.

Learn more at: killersanddemons.com/

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