A Conversation with David Rabinovitch

May 28, 2024
CWC Annual Awards

JUKEBOX EMPIRE, by David Rabinovitch is nominated for The Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book sponsored by David Reid Simpson Law Firm (Hamilton).

David Rabinovitch is an EMMY, Peabody, and Gemini Award-winning film maker. With a background in investigative journalism, he has testified before Congress, documented human rights abuses in China, exposed exploitation of victims of a mass disaster, and contributed to Frontline, Dateline, and Investigative Reports. He has written for the Toronto Globe & Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, TIME Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report. He was raised in the prairie town of Morden, Manitoba, where his uncle Wolfe Rabin’s exploits remain a subject of myth and lore. He divides his time between the Pacific Northwest and Baja California.

Jukebox Empire is the true story of Wolfe Rabin, who designed an icon of popular culture and made and lost a fortune four times over. The son of Jewish immigrants to the Canadian prairies, Wolfe Rabin built a jukebox empire with the backing of the Mob, and having sold his soul to the devil, masterminded the largest money-laundering scheme in history to finance running guns to Cuba.

It is the inside story of the jukebox in 1940’s Chicago, casinos in 1950’s Havana, and one man’s journey into the dark side of the American dream.

Learn more at: https://jukeboxempire.com/

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