A Conversation with Iona Whishaw

May 16, 2024
CWC Annual Awards

Iona Whishaw’s novel, TO TRACK A TRAITOR, has been nominated for The Whodunit Award for Best Traditional Mystery sponsored by Jane Doe.

Iona Whishaw has been a youth worker, social worker, teacher and an award winning High School Principal, who continued with her writing throughout her working life. Receiving her Masters in Creative writing from UBC, Iona has published short fiction, poetry, poetry translation and one children’s book, Henry and the Cow Problem.

Iona is best known for Lane Winslow Mystery series. Debuting with the novel, A Killer in King’s Cove, readers are introduced to Lane Winslow, and war-weary young ex-intelligence officer, who in 1946 leaves London to look for a fresh start. Ten novels later, Iona is trying to find her estranged sister Diana caught up in stressful and mysterious circumstances. As Lane follows the thread leading from South Africa to Aberdeen to the War Office in London it becomes apparent that her sister is on the run, and that keeping secrets seems to be a Winslow family trait.

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