Episode 5: Smashing Syereotypes

November 3, 2022
The Western Wing

Crime Writers Canada's Erik D'Souza, chats with fellow authors Jayne Barnard, Tara Moss and Alan R. Warren.

Video descriptor: We see a Zoom screen split into four panels. The first shows Erik D'Souza. He wears a collared white shirt and glasses, and has dark hair. He is wearing ear buds.

The second panel shows Tara Moss. Tara is a tall white woman with long dark salt and pepper hair. She is using her wheelchair, Nyx, and is wearing a grey top and dark red lipstick.

The third shows Alan R Warren, a white man with grey beard and a baseball cap, with shelves of books behind him.

The fourth panel shows Jayne Barnard. Jayne describes herself as a short white-haired woman with red glasses and a straight-necked burgundy sweater.

One resource to get people started on understanding and avoiding stereotypes in their work


One targeting disability representation in particular:


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