William Deverell

Montreal homicide detective Kellen O'Reilly suffers flashbacks (he doesn't know why) and is being targeted by killers (he doesn't know who).

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Operation Woman in Black

René Natan

Nothing seems to penetrate the criminal ring that plagues the town of Varlee until Conrad Tormez, using a speech emulator, replaces the Woman in Black with an ex-agent and amateur performer.

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Spurred Ambition

Twist Phelan

A Pinnacle Peak Mystery: “Fans of extreme sports will admire Phelan's protagonist, lawyer and athlete Hannah Dain, but even those more at home on the couch will still enjoy the brainy heroine.

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The Black Donnellys: The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud

Nate Hendley

A biography of the infamous and ill-fated Donnelly family of Lucan, Ontario in the 19th Century.

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The Black Moth

Carolyne Topdjian

Unless the owner of a gothic hotel can solve mystery of a ghost haunting the grounds her incarcerated father will be murdered

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