"Winter's Warmblood" in A Warm Mug of Cozy Anthology, vol. 1

J. Ivanel Johnson

9 tantalizing tales that are the embodiment of the cozy mystery genre. Plenty of warmth, humour and unusual settings.

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Deborah Levison

A broken man accuses an elite private school of abuse, but is not prepared for the shocking revelations that emerge in court.

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A Person of Interest

Ardelle Holden

Samantha escapes from her pursuers into the gloomy night with a handsome stranger. Has she put her trust in a killer?

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For the Love of Sea View

Hilary MacLeod

For the Love of Sea View is a memoir of murder – of the location that spawned Hilary MacLeod’s Shores mystery series.

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Phil Rowlands

A woman's search for the killer who destroyed her family and threatened her sanity. Will revenge bring her closure and peace?

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Single Cell

Phil Rowlands

When a suicide in a prison is questioned it leads to the discovery of a deeply hidden conspiracy of retribution and murder.

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The Air Affair

Shelley Adina

In Crime Wave 2, "The Air Affair," a short story of sleuths of a certain age, set in the Mysterious Devices steampunk world.

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The Corpse with the Golden Nose

Cathy Ace

A world-famous vintner is dead. And when a heartfelt plea to look into the matter is paired with an exclusive gourmet event in British Columbia’s stunning wine country, overindulgent foodie and criminologist Cait Morgan cannot resist.

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Michael Paul Michaud

He left without saying anything further, but the way he looked at me as he did gave me the greatest urge to see him red and open.

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