"Winter's Warmblood" in A Warm Mug of Cozy Anthology, vol. 1

J. Ivanel Johnson

9 tantalizing tales that are the embodiment of the cozy mystery genre. Plenty of warmth, humour and unusual settings.

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13 Claws

Mesdames of Mayhem

Are our animal companions angels or demons? Our friends or our betrayers? 13 Claws, the third anthology by The Mesdames of Mayhem contains 17 animal crime stories by established, critically acclaimed authors as well as three tales (pun intended) by newcomers to the genre.

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A Pill A Day Keeps the Blues Away

Elizabeth Hosang

Evil and illness are intertwined in our third Carrick crime anthology!

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Absent Beauty (An Agnes Taylor Mystery - Short Read Prequel)

Eva Bernhard

A networking op to increase her chance of landing a professorship turns into Agnes's first brush with murder. . .

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In Search of Adventure

Helen C. Escott

RCMP Veterans had a front row seat to history.Helen C. Escott has captured the stories from the behind the police line

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Moonlight & Misadventure: 20 Stories of Mystery & Suspense

Judy Penz Sheluk

Waxing, waning, gibbous, or full, the moon is always there, illuminating things better left in the dark.

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Ten Stories That Worried My Mother

Winona Kent

Mysteries, prize-winners, and a hero who spare-changes John Lennon at the premiere of A Hard Day's Night in 1964.

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Mesdames of Mayhem

Thirteen Mesdames of Mayhem bring you a thrilling cocktail of crime fiction in their very first anthology.

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Unsavory Delicacies

Russell Brooks

How far would you go to get revenge on those who wronged you?

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