Corporation's First Annual Sausage Festival

Garry Ryan

After a video of him being hit over the head with a bottle of maple syrup goes viral, Garrett "The Carrot" Macgregor is back.

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In Loving Memory

Winona Kent

A piece of wartime shrapnel sends Charlie and Shaun tumbling back to 1940, the height of the Blitz. Do they interfere with time to save a man’s life? Or do they put their own futures at risk by doing nothing? And how much time do these two lovers have left?

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Old Broad Road

Phyllis L Humby

When Sylvia planned her escape, Newfoundland seemed like the perfect refuge...but life isn't perfect

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Persistence of Memory

Winona Kent

A “wonderfully complex and charming” story combining “time travel, mystery, and romance” (Publishers Weekly)

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Sitting On the Edge of Marlene

Billie Livingston

A film based on the novella, The Trouble With Marlene.

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The Legend of Gasparilla and His Treasure

Carolyn Arnold

An ancient diary. The promise of a mythical pirate’s treasure. Three friends who risk their lives to find it.

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