A Person of Interest

Ardelle Holden

Samantha escapes from her pursuers into the gloomy night with a handsome stranger. Has she put her trust in a killer?

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Acid Track

Julie Hiner

A serial killer obsessed with 70s acid rock and a lizard king. Will Detective Mahoney live to see the other side?

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Cold Girl

R.M. Greenaway

In the midst of a northern BC winter, a young woman walks out the door and fails to return. A mismatched RCMP team is brought in to track her down.

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Endowed with Death

P.D. Workman

The death of a child is always heartbreaking, but what Kenzie Kirsch, assistant to the Medical Examiner, finds on her slab shakes her to the core. 

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Goddess of Justice

Dwayne Clayden

Detective Brad Coulter is hunted by his police service for murder. He has to clear his name. The killer has other plans.

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Lament The Common Bones

Jen J. Danna

Forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell doesn’t go looking for death. But when one of Matt’s students suspects the skeleton hanging in a research lab is actually from a murder victim, Matt and Trooper Leigh Abbott have no choice but to take on the case.

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River Heat

Graham MacDermott

A fishing lodge owner, his psychotic bodyguard, a motorcycle gang, deadly drugs, and a cartel hitman. A McKinley adventure.

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Shattered to Death

P.D. Workman

A haunting mystery unfolds in the hushed corridors of a private psychiatric hospital.

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Tainted Evidence

Michael Kent

An international assassin is in town and Breaudry's girlfriend is acting strangly sullen.

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The Case of the Homeless Pup

J.A. Menzies

A stray puppy. A human skull. A missing persons case that’s all but forgotten.

A Paul Manziuk & Jacquie Ryan Novella.

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The Funeral

Desmond P. Ryan

“Amore mio, Mikey,” Julia whispered. “He’s dead.”

A cop is shot. A mother loses her son. The inside story.

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The Reckoning

Helen C. Escott

With her razor-sharp writing and inside police knowledge, Helen C. Escott delivers a fast-paced, dark, and ingeniously plotted thriller that confirms her status as one of the hottest crime thriller writers around.

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