i Hit

Rick Alexander

Damon is putting his nut driver back into his tool pouch, and clipping closed the lid of his black plastic toolbox, as he thinks about the ramifications of these people seeing him here at this time. If I kill Suhki here, at this 3:00 p.m. hunt, these folks will remember me for sure. Do they have a dash camera? Do they have video of the getaway van? Damon hears footsteps coming and sees brand-new Nikes and fancy jogging pants on the steps. His heart freezes. Holy hell in a handbag, it’s Suhki.

Regardless of getting away or not, this has become life or death. Damon carefully places his tool bag and toolbox down, and with his left hand reaches for the zipper on his jumpsuit. This is what the extra magazines are for. Breathe deep, we do this here.

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