A Journeyman to Grief

Maureen Jennings

A Detective Murdoch Mystery: Detective Murdoch is working on a murder case where the dead man, the owner of one of Toronto’s livery stables, was found horsewhipped and left hanging from his wrists in his tack room.

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A Perfect Grave

Rick Mofina

A Jason Wade Thriller: A Perfect Grave is the third thriller in Rick Mofina's acclaimed series featuring crime reporter Jason Wade.

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Blood on the Holly: An Anthology of Christmas Mysteries

Sylvia Maultash Warsh

Linwood Barclay, Maureen Jennings, MaryJane Maffini, Dennis Richard Murphy, James Powell, Peter Robinson, Sylvia Warsh and others serve up murder...

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Dream Chasers

Barbara Fradkin

An Inspector Green Mystery: In the sixth in this two-time award-winning series, 17-year-old Lea Kovacev sets out one summer evening for a secret rendezvous by the cliffs of Ottawa’s Hog’s Back Falls. Three days later, her nude body washes up in the shallo

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In the Shadow of the Glacier

Vicki Delany

A Constable Molly Smith Mystery: Rookie Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters search for a killer...

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Organize Your Corpses

Mary Jane Maffini

A Charlotte Adams Mystery: Charlotte Adams returns home to establish her personal organizing business.She's definitely not expecting to find her first client, the tyrannical retired teacher Helen "Hellfire" Henley, dead in a pile of debris...

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Stone Rain

Linwood Barclay

Zack Walker Mystery: Metropolitan newspaper writer Zack Walker has a knack for stumbling onto deadly stories...

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The Cruellest Month

Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Gamache of the Sûreté du Quebec is called to the peaceful village of Three Pines where a séance held on Easter Sunday has gone tragically wrong and someone has been literally scared to death.

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The Orchid Shroud

Michelle Wan

A Novel of Death in the Dordogne: When violent death strikes in the present day, Mara and Julian's investigation leads them to uncover a past filled with hatred, greed, and dark superstitions.

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Trumpets Sound No More

Jon Redfern

A young theatre entrepreneur is found murdered, and Inspector Owen Endersby of the recently formed London Detective Police must find the culprit.

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Where Trouble Leads

Brenda Chapman

A Jennifer Bannon Mystery: Jennifer's summer in the isolated wilderness on Georgian Bay turns into a roller coaster ride of suspense and danger...

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