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13 Claws

Mesdames of Mayhem

Are our animal companions angels or demons? Our friends or our betrayers? 13 Claws, the third anthology by The Mesdames of Mayhem contains 17 animal crime stories by established, critically acclaimed authors as well as three tales (pun intended) by newcomers to the genre.

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30,000 Secrets

Jonathan McCormick

Agent Jessica Fukishura, a Torontonian and martial artist struggling with demons, sexuality and disdain for the male population in general and law enforcement in particular.

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A Ghost Among Thieves

L Nesbitt-Baggerman

Trapped between police and the real murderer, Investigator Matthew Traverse battles to clear his name in the violent death of his girlfriend.

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A Killing Game

Jeff Buick

Born into a wealthy and powerful Boston family, Renee Charlebois has it all. Except for one small detail-she’s been abducted.

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A Law Unto Itself

Neil Turner

What happens when an inmate is murdered and the prison decides to cover it up?

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A Perilous Question

Barry Finlay

A simple question from a teenage girl in Africa launches Marcie Kane into the dark world of human trafficking with terrifying consequence

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A Person of Interest

Ardelle Holden

Samantha escapes from her pursuers into the gloomy night with a handsome stranger. Has she put her trust in a killer?

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Aquatic Eye

Tymo Lin

Aquatic Eye is a sequel to Tymo Lin's award winning novel, The Thermosphere Murders.

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Delvin Chatterson



Thirty years after fighting crime and corruption in the 1980s, Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer are now drawn into more current criminal activities as they try to rescue a niece kidnapped into sex trafficking and online pornography by Russian gangsters in Boston. Dale and Frank follow a treacherous trail into the dangerous and violent international sex trade that also exposes Frank’s tragic family history in Africa and more violent threats closer to home in Montreal. It starts with a phone call to Frank the Fixer and leads us through a complicated network of gangsters and Mafia families in their murderous competition for the lucrative business of sex trafficking and online pornography. A secretive Montreal Mafia figure is assassinated and deals are made to extricate the innocent young victims from competing interests. Tough tactics and insider knowledge are required, but more violence and murders cannot be avoided. 

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Barkley Sound Secrets

Jonathan McCormick

Port Alberni is a Vancouver Isl. mill town where a cocaine cartel is investigated by three female RCMP Mounties.

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Beneath Her Skin - A Kes Morris File

C.S. Porter

Kes Morris investigates a wave of brutal murders leading to past horrors. Hunter becomes prey in this east coast thriller.

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Beyond Faith

Sharon A. Crawford

Short Teaser

Fraternal twins Dana Bowman and Bast Overture are thrust into a twisted scenario of extortion, stalking, fire, vandalism, secret adoptions, a bank robbery, assault, and murders.

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Billy Tabbs (& The Glorious Darrow)

Michael Paul Michaud

BILLY TABBS is a highly topical social satire with a mystery and crime thriller bent. It is Fight Club meets Animal Farm.

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Black Iris

Linda Keith

Part underground artist, part con artist; full-on emotional wreck.

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Bonita Palms

Hal Ross

The wealthy housewives of Bonita Palms in Bonita Springs, Florida are being murdered and no one can figure out why.

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Box of Secrets

Susan Jane Wright

What do a political campaign and multi-million dollar project have in common? Secrets and murder.

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By Accident

Mar Preston

You can get away with almost anything if you’re rich, beautiful, and famous in Santa Monica. A good-guy cop says not again.

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By the Book

A.J. McCarthy

A serial killer uses a novel as a guide, and neither the author nor the detectives know who is next on the list, or if they are the intended targets.

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Carbon Copy

Ian McKercher

A strange variety of people wanted Carlos Orinoco dead. Can a Bank secretary puzzle it all out?

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Chill Run

Russell Brooks

How do you know a publicity stunt has backfired? When someone dies.

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Cold Play

Winona Kent

Aboard an Alaskan cruise ship the close confines trap one man with the deadly secrets of his past.

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Covert Operations by Task Force 102

Rene Natan and Gerard Triesman

Engineering student Lisa Morrison is trapped in an undercover operation dealing with a biological weapon.

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R.M. Greenaway

As Halloween approaches, somebody is lurking in fun-fur and scaring the wits out of the locals. But is he, she, or it, also responsible for the mangled corpse discovered in the crawlspace of an abandoned house within the peaceful suburbs of Lynn Valley?

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Crisis Point

Dwayne Clayden

Calgary was a quiet city best known for the Calgary Stampede until a series of robberies rocks the city.

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Crook's Hill

Peter Fritze

Alan Boltby, a workaholic corporate lawyer, wants a real life. Instead, confronted by insider trading, unexplained deaths and blame for a sordid family secret, he turns investigator.

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