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A Family Matter

Chris Laing

  • Seraphim Editions
  • ISBN: 9781927079454
  • April 2017
  • Paperback $19.95
  • eBook $5.99

Author's Region: Ontario
Primary Category (pick one): Crime Fiction
Secondary Categories (as many as apply): Mystery, Detective/PI, Historical Mystery
Blurb: Max Dexter and his assistant, Isabel O'Brien, are drawn into an internal Mob war about to explode in Hamilton when his mother returns to town. Max doesn't want to meet with her - why should he when she'd skipped town with one of Rocco Perri's henchmen when Max was just a kid.
It's Christmastime in 1947 and Max and Isabel are feeling the heat from those dark forces who don't believe in 'Peace on Earth'.

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