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Crime Wave 2: Women of a Certain Age: A Canada West Anthology

Sisters in Crime - Canada West

  • Sisters in Crime Canada West
  • ISBN: 978-1777246655
  • 19 October 2022
  • eBook $4.99
  • Paperback $24.27

This second anthology from the Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime follows women of a certain age through old crimes and new. Thirteen of the contributing authors are CWC members:
K.L. Abrahamson, Shelley Adina, J.E. Barnard, P.J. Donison, Marcelle Dubé, Elizabeth Elwood, R.M. Greenaway, Debra Henry, Winona Kent, Nuala McNaughton, Charlotte Morganti, C.J. Papoutsis, Merrilee Robson.
Edited by Liz Bass, Karen L. Abrahamson and J.E. Barnard.
Foreward by Gail Bowen

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