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Trumpets Sound No More

Jon Redfern

  • RendezVous Crime (Napoleon & Company)
  • ISBN: 978-1-894917-40-7
  • November 2007
  • $20.95

Arthur Ellis award-winning author Jon Redfern’s new novel is a Victorian historical set in 1840s London. A young theatre entrepreneur is found murdered, and Inspector Owen Endersby of the recently formed London Detective Police must find the culprit. With his team of two sergeants, Endersby enters the glittering domain of London's theatres to question acrobats, actors, costume makers, child performers, and opera singers. Using wit, disguises, and coercion, Endersby follows the by-ways of "the Criminal Mentality" and tracks down the killer. Redfern's book is an atmospheric thriller, treating readers to a view of old London from the stalls of Covent Garden market to the mansions of the rich to the backstage world of Drury Lane Theatre.

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