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A Life of Bliss

Don Butler

  • Release Date: May 31, 2021
  • Paperback:
    ISBN: 978-1-988437-70-5  Cost: $21.20

    ISBN: 978-1-988437-72-9  Cost: $5.95

    As the timid travel editor of the Ottawa Daily Advocate, Bliss Browning has few friends, a failed marriage and a pathological fear of adventure. His sole claim to fame is his vast knowledge of the late opera diva Maria Callas. When someone purporting to be Callas contacts him from beyond the grave with an astonishing proposition, Bliss’s humdrum world is turned upside down. Travelling to Greece at the urging of the ghostly presence, he embarks on a most unusual journey, but what he discovers could be the key to his own salvation in this hilarious and hopeful modern-day fable.

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